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Fitness Fling

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 31, 2016
Fitness Fling

Our favorite new ways to stay cool? Kick boxin’ it real, apps that zap excuses, and great gear to start out a t and fabulous year. Sweat it out and spring into shape.

By Cara Kagan


If jibs and jabs are good enough for super model Gigi Hadid, they’re good enough for us. And we’re not alone. Michael Parrella, founder of iLoveKickboxing (Ilovekickboxing. com), notes that 85 percent of its members are women ages 21 to 46. New York City celebrity trainer Reggie Chambers from New York Personal Training Gym agrees: Seven out of 10 women who train there are bobbing and weaving. “Boxing builds cardiovascular endurance, burns calories, and improves hand-eye coordination,” says Chambers, who has worked with Christina Ricci and Tamara Tunie. “It’s also an awesome stress reliever; you can let it all out by hitting something really hard!” Not to mention the spectacular sculpting effects it has on arms, legs, and abs—just check out Hadid.