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By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 27, 2016

Moles—most are harmless, some are cancerous, and some are glamorous.

When we hear the actual word, images of brown lumps and bumps are seen in our heads leaving a distasteful look on our faces.

Yet, beauties such as Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendez, and Mariah Carey embrace them, making them desirable beauty marks instead.

As charming (or not) as they may seem, moles should be checked monthly for any signs of skin cancer.

When performing a basic check, look for the following characteristics to determine whether or not you will need to visit a dermatologist promptly.


Darker Moles

Any moles darkening over time or varying in color is a red flag. They are capable of becoming black, white, red, or blue. How weird!


Growing Moles

Pay attention the size of the mole. If you find that it’s growing or getting larger than a pencil eraser, you should visit a dermatologist.


Non-Healing Sores

Look out for any sores that have not healed over the course of several weeks. It could potentially be the beginning of minor skin cancer.


Irregular Moles

Asymmetrical shapes are fun to look at in geometry class, but as soon as you notice a mole resembles one of them, it’s time to visit the “skin doc.”.


Itchy, Painful Moles

The last red flag that you should find very alarming is an itchy, painful mole. As soon as you find yourself scratching your mole or bleeding from it, run to see a doctor.


Most “beauty marks” are innocent, but any suspicious signs should lead to an appointment to help you prevent melanoma skin cancer.