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How to Let Your Crush Know You’re into Them

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Jun 03, 2016
How to Let Your Crush Know You’re into Them

Have you ever wondered if your crush knew exactly how you felt or if the feelings were mutual? Many of us [such as myself] are unable to build up the nerve and spark a convo with our crush, or we find ourselves intimidated by the thought of approaching a potential suitor in general.

I will admit, breaking the ice in any situation is a bit intimidating. But hopefully, these tips will help you gain the confidence that you need to overcome fear when the opportunity presents itself to approach your potential love interest.

Common Ground- Do the both of you enjoy dancing, wine tasting, or traveling? Figuring out whether or not there are similar interests shared between the two of you can definitely help you feel more at ease when the time is right to express your true feelings. Go get ‘em, girl!

Photo Credit: Pretty Woman
Photo Credit: Pretty Woman

Relax, Relate, Release– When you are around your crush be nice, be flirty but most importantly be Y-O-U! Do not allow your emotions to get the very best of you.

Subtle Signs– A person’s comfort level can be partly determined based on their body language. If you find yourself in your crush’s company, don’t push him away. Instead, show him a little interest by positioning your body in his direction and make direct eye contact while engaging in stimulating conversation.

Be Upfront– Try to be as open, honest, and transparent as possible when the time is right to express your true feelings. Not only will this showcase your sincerity but also your seriousness in perhaps getting to know each other on a more personal level. Okay then!

Say “NO” to Social Media– Try to avoid expressing your intentions over social media. A face to face exchange is always best because you can better gauge their interest based on their initial reaction and body language.

No Drinks Allowed– Our inner “Sasha Fierce,” can quickly become unleashed once cocktails are involved. Although alcohol tends to give us a little liquid courage, it is best to stay sober, alert, and attentive. Especially when it comes to discussing the endless relationship goals with your future boo. Yep, claiming it in advance for you!

Photo Credit: Shutter Stock
Photo Credit: Shutter Stock

All in Your Mind– Unfortunately for me, I had to learn the hard way that men are not mind readers. It takes a lot more than assuming someone knows when you are crushin’ on ‘em. Be willing to take a chance, talk candidly, show genuine interest, and be open when expressing your true desires.

Don’t Sweat Rejection– Let go of the fear of rejection because it’s all part of the game. You win some; you lose some. Isn’t it better to take a chance instead of later worrying about the what ifs?

Now is the time to set aside your pride and go for it. Build up the strength, loosen up a little, go out there, and snag your man, girlfriend!