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How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitos

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Jun 28, 2016
How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitos

There isn’t anything worse than fighting off a swarm of mosquitoes especially now since summer is here. Aside from spending extra dollars on bug repellents, here are a few additional chemical-free alternatives to help you enjoy the great outdoors without the pesky mosquito bites.

Wear Light Colors: Early morning sunrise and late night sunsets are the pinnacle feeding times for these insects. In the mind of a mosquito, when securing food sources, their sights are immediately set on dark colors. Luckily, lighter colors are a lot less appealing to them because they relish in possible hues that are a variation of the horizon line.

Consume More Garlic: Incorporating extra garlic into your eating habits can act as a bug repellent because once eaten it is released from your pores.  The release of garlic through your pores creates a body scent that can serve as a roadblock between you and those pesky mosquitoes. However, do not neglect your breath mints in the process because you definitely want to keep your family and friends around.

Keep a Dryer Sheet: Strong scents such as your favorite Bounce or Snuggle dryer sheets will keep these bugs at bay! Next time you are out and about, keep a sheet of fabric softener tucked away into your pocket and voila! Watch the magic take place!

Lavender is Key: The fragrant lavender plant not only keeps mosquitoes away but also moths and flies. Try to surround yourself with a few of these flowers by planting them in or around your garden because this allows the smell to stay within the air. Another option is to rub the fragrance over your body either from the plant itself or a lavender essential oil.