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Introducing The SlimCado

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Jun 18, 2016
Introducing The SlimCado

Avocados have long been considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. High in healthy, mono-saturated fats and packed with 20 essential vitamins and nutrients, avocados are beloved of healthy eaters everywhere.

However, everyone knows calorie intake still matters when it comes to losing weight. Many people looking to shed a few pounds feel they should restrict their consumption of avocados, which clock in at a whopping 237 calories per serving.

But what if a lower calorie, lower-fat version of the avocado was available? Meet the SlimCado, a Florida-grown variety of the fruit that contains half the fat and a third fewer calories than the average avocado. SlimCados are also larger in size, usually ranging from three to thirteen inches long and 5 inches in width.

While many might assume that the SlimCado’s larger size is the result of genetic engineering, Brooks Tropicals, the company which has produced the SlimCado for 85 years, asserts that they are entirely natural and simply from a different branch of the avocado family tree. Since they can only be grown in humid climates, SlimCados have a higher water density and are more fibrous than regular avocados. Formerly known as the Florida avocado before being rebranded, the SlimCado has a smooth, bright green skin.

Though the SlimCado has been around for quite some time, it has only recently attracted mainstream attention. Though a subject of online fascination for food bloggers and avocado devotees, the overall reaction to its taste has been mixed.

Fans of the rich, buttery taste and creamy texture of the traditional avocado may find themselves disappointed with the SlimCado. Cookinglight.com editor Sidney Fry described it as “watery, slimy and gross.” Avocado fan Corinne Zmoos said that she was extremely displeased with the guacamole she made using the SlimCado, adding, “I’ve never felt so betrayed by a piece of food in my life.”

The SlimCado does have its defenders, including Deloris Curtis. The 65-year-old Maryland resident discovered the SlimCado while on a diet that resulted in a 180-pound weight loss. She told the Wall Street Journal, “I put it on almost anything. I just love it.”

While it doesn’t look like the Slimcado is taking the place of its popular cousin anytime soon, it may be worth a try for those who want to reap the avocado’s nutritional benefits without all the extra calories.