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Long Live The Thank You Note

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Jun 02, 2016
Long Live The Thank You Note


We’ll be the first to admit it – with email, texting, and social media, it’s safe to say that the written note has gone the way of encyclopedias and Yellow Pages. So retro, right?

However, there are times when sitting down with a pen and paper to personalize a special “thank you” card is key. If you were a house guest at a friend’s house, if you received graduation gifts, or if you just want to thank the cute neighbor who changed your tire – those are perfect times to send a nice note.

I mean, what could go wrong?

So instead of going to the store to choose a random card with a cheesy riddle inside and simply signing the bottom, take the time to dig deep through your messy garage, dust off your old stationery, and jot down something more memorable – like your grandma used to do.


  • There’s just some things that should still be done the old-fashioned way.
  • A personalized “thank you” card will bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • You’ll be surprised at how much the gesture is appreciated, every time.


  • The Greeting – Address the receiver and be sure to spell their names correctly. “Dear John,”
  • The Gratitude – Say thanks for whatever it is the receiver did for you. “Thank you for changing my tire Monday morning.”
  • The Gesture – Mention how you’ll use the gift or how their gesture helped you. “Because of you I was able to make it to work on time and I wasn’t fired.”
  • Until Next Time – Let them know you hope to see them again. “I will think of your sweet gesture every time I drive my car. I hope to repay you with a nice dinner next week.”
  • More Gratitude – Finish by thanking them again. “Many thanks!”
  • The Good-bye – Sign off. “Sincerely, so-and-so”

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What If?

There aren’t many what if’s in a situation so positive. You cannot fail if you send a thank you note and mailing one is quite the reputation booster. But what if your handwriting is bad?

Not everyone has handwriting that looks like calligraphy. And more often than not, others love our handwriting more than we do. If you believe your handwriting is subpar, it most likely isn’t, so take your time when writing out notes, and you may surprise yourself. Be sure to choose a pen that writes well.

If your handwriting still isn’t getting the job done, take notes from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and type out a warm “thank you” card. The Royal Family showed their appreciation to everyone who wrote to Princess Charlotte on her birthday with a thoughtful note. The card recipients were pleased with the family’s sweet gesture, which proves that personally penned notes have a lasting value.


At New You, we believe in the power of the “thank you” card as well. Executive Editor, Ruchel Louis Coetzee states that “It will not only be a welcome surprise to its recipient, but a chance for you to express yourself the old-fashioned way: from the heart.”

If Their Royal Highness can do it, so can you! Get to writing.