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Oprah’s New Food Line is Awesome!

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 02, 2016
Oprah’s New Food Line is Awesome!

From SuperSoul Sunday to super soul food, the talk show queen Oprah Winfrey wants to extend her reign into your kitchen. In a breaking news report from TMZ earlier this month, Winfrey quietly filed federal paperwork to secure trademarks under the name Oprah’s Kitchen.

The applications cover a supermarket’s worth of products, such as basic staples like dairy, meat, fish, processed and preserved foods, spices, juices, bottled water, lemonade, baked goods, fresh fruit, and vegetables, but also specialty items such as cut flowers, beer, and energy drinks. It’s a total kitchen takeover with the “O” stamp and I can’t wait!

Oprah has built a $3.2 billion brand that spans across all media outlets including a talk show, a magazine, radio, Broadway, the big screen, and beyond. She has strong alignments with mega brands such as Starbucks, which saw sky high profits with the trendy Oprah Chai. It’s no wonder the market opportunity for a food label is calling her name.

Similar to the few that have come before her and have successfully created their own multimillion dollar food labels such as Paul Newman and George Foreman, Oprah has seized yet another domain in her entrepreneurial dynasty.

From the looks of it, we’re seeing the birth of Trader O’s! Can’t wait to hear more on this tasty business venture as details on the launch will probably be hitting headlines soon.