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Patriotic Singer Honors American Troops

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Jun 19, 2016
Patriotic Singer Honors American Troops

Memorial Day may be behind us, but one singer is making sure that our brave men and women in the military are honored every day. Ted Miller, deemed the modern day Bob Hope, is using proceeds from his patriotic single, “Made in America”, to help mothers who have lost children in service to their country.

One dollar from every sale of Ted’s Made In America album will be donated to American Gold Star Moms, an organization dedicated to providing support and funds to mothers of soldiers lost in battle. The album’s title song “Made In America” was inspired by the bravery of men and women in uniform.

According to a press release announcing the release of “Made In America”, the title song “praises our nation, heroes, veterans, soldiers, and people from every walk of life and from everywhere around the world all joined together as one nation under God. It combines our ingenuity leading the world in space exploration, technology, and the internet giving a very special thank you to our selfless soldiers for leading the way.”

Ted has had a long relationship with the armed forces and has been recognized many times for his dedication to America. In 2001, Ted was honored for his recording of “Tribute to America” in the United States Congress by Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Since then, he has been honored seven more times in the United States House of Representatives for his assistance and commitment to helping soldiers, veterans, and their families.

In the dedication section of his album, Ted said, “I thank God each and every day for being blessed to live in a free land and to be able to share it with so many beautiful people from many different cultures and walks of life. It is my honor and duty as an American citizen to look after and protect the well-being of each and every man and woman in uniform and to honor those who have served our country well throughout the generations, always remembering those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice provided for our Freedom and Democracy, and who have given those less fortunate the ability to defend themselves against tyranny and terrorism, providing them with the stability and opportunity to attain their dreams to live in a free and democratic state. I dedicate this album to each and every one of you.”