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Receive Your Parcel in Two Hours Or Earn Extra Cash

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 09, 2016
Receive Your Parcel in Two Hours Or Earn Extra Cash


Would you prefer earning extra cash as a taxi driver minus the yellow cab or a UPS package delivery driver without the brown uniform? Try both! Popular service apps such as Uber and Lyft are flexible ways to earn money during your free time. But if you don’t desire random people in your car than opt for packages with Amazon Flex.


Flex allows drivers to make between $18 to $25 an hour (sometimes more) to deliver packages from a central location to the customer’s door.  If you’re a car owner that is 21 or over, have a valid driver’s license, and have a clean background, then you have the chance to earn money while making your own schedule and working as many hours as you’d like.


The program is expanding but if you’re a resident in one of the following states you’re already able to take advantage of this application: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and the New York metro area. Get your packages in an hour or two with Prime Now’s delivery service. The more crowdsourced parcel drivers there are, the more Amazon is able to include regular Amazon parcels to the Flex service in the future.


Amazon wants to make sure the application is substantial for future delivery needs. Do you think Flex will change the way customers receive their orders around the globe? Amazon surely believes so.


Photo: Flex.amazon.com