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Review of Food Intolerance Test: Pinnertest

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Sep 26, 2016
Review of Food Intolerance Test: Pinnertest

Have you ever wondered why you can’t lose weight, suffer from bloating, diarrhea, and stomach cramps, have a brain fog, or feel sick after eating? It may have to do with food intolerances, meaning you have difficulty digesting certain foods. Unlike food allergies, which are extremely rare, food intolerances are usually not life threatening and may even be temporary. At New You, some of our editors had these symptoms after eating and always wondered why.

We recently found Pinnertest, a new generation lab test that tests for intolerances through a blood sample. So four editors at New You tried Pinnertest, and we all received very different results. This is what happened:

The Mediterranean Maven:

When I was approached about the Pinnertest, I was so excited to finally find out why I could never lose those last 10 pounds and being of Mediterranean decent, why pizza was always a recurring problem for me. Food intolerance is a buzz word thrown around lightly, but I felt that if this test could tell me what triggers inflammation and upsets your digestive system, why not! Sure, I could go on an elimination diet over the course of a year and struggle to figure out what foods bother me more than others, but why take the time when a simple blood test can do the trick!

The process was so simple, prick your finger with the provided equipment (including alcohol swab), apply droplets of blood onto the collection pad and mail the test to the lab. After 10 days, a full report was emailed directly to me. I will admit, in the back of my mind, I wanted major things to pop up like Gluten intolerance or cow’s milk. Simply because some foods just upset my system more than others and finally finding out the cause seemed like the answer to my prayers. That didn’t happen, but my results were enlightening none the less.

Result of my personal Pinnertest:
Ginger, Cantaloupe

Tomato, Lemon, Chili Pepper

What? Tomato! I am Greek and Italian; that’s not possible! I was slightly overwhelmed by the results. I know pizza was always a problem, but it seemed these foods had an acidic commonality. I cannot say I will give up tomatoes forever, let’s be realistic, but I have eliminated these foods (as suggested by the results documents). It isn’t a life-changer for me as these were simple eliminations to make. However, the more research I do on acidic foods, the more I am thrilled to have done this simple blood test! This type of test gave me a solid foundation to research what I can do to better my digestive system and overall health. I highly suggest a food intolerance test for everyone not as a full solution to overall diet, but as a jumping off point to correct digestive issues and ailments. Refreshingly, a bi-product of the test, I have discovered cranberry is now my go-to pizza sauce!

The Lactose Intolerant Girl:

I was shocked when I saw my results. I thought for sure cow’s milk and wheat were going to pop up on my result. Two years ago, I was tested for a gluten allergy and lactose intolerance, and although I did not have a gluten allergy, I was told that I have a very high chance of developing one at some point in my life. I also found out that I was highly lactose intolerant. So from that day on, I tried my best to switch from dairy products to soy products.

For two years I have been adding soy milk to my coffee, soy cheese to my burrito bowls, and eating tons of edamame. So when I received my Pinnertest results, I was so surprised that I was intolerant to soybeans. I kind of always wondered why my stomach hurt after drinking coffee with soy milk but just figured it was from the coffee (I was so wrong).

Result of my personal Pinnertest:




Soybean, Spinach


Egg White

Ever since I received my results, I’ve discovered that soy is hidden in everything. Almost every frozen food package I pick up at Trader Joe’s has soy in it! Even the Ezekiel bread I use to eat every morning contains soy. No wonder I felt crampy and bloated after eating Ezekiel bread with peanut butter every morning. I have since found a multigrain bread that contains no soy and have switched to coconut milk.

I also found out that I’m intolerant to bananas, which I would consume before every workout, spinach, and egg whites. I don’t really like eggs alone, but once I started looking at frozen food packages, recipes, and sauces, I realized eggs are in almost everything. Ever since I received my results, I’ve been really trying to avoid eggs altogether, but it’s very hard. My favorite frozen Potato Pancakes from Trader Joe’s have eggs in them, my favorite cauliflower pizza recipes calls for an egg, as do most of my go-to recipes.

In the end, I’m really glad I found out my food intolerances. It’s going to be hard to eliminate soy and egg whites completely, but I’m slowly finding good alternatives. Most of the time when I ask waiters or waitresses if there’s any soy in the dressing, veggie burger, or entrée, they look at me like why would a grilled chicken dish have soy in it? Well because if you cook it in vegetable oil, then there’s soy in it. But, I know that if I can eliminate the four foods for the most part, I’ll feel better overall. I have definitely felt less bloated since I started eliminating those foods and have even dropped a few pounds!

The French Lebanese Darling 

When I was first approached to try the Pinnertest, I was a little skeptical. After all, how could a simple little pin-prick of blood diagnose what countless of professional allergy tests have failed to pick up? Inherently, I knew my body reacted to certain foods by wheezing or coughing, but I still could not put a finger (no pun intended) on any food group or cause. So I thought, what do I have to lose?

The nifty package arrived at the office with very detailed instructions that worked best with the online demonstration video. Of course, nothing prepares you for pricking your finger to draw your own blood! No matter how idiot-proof the action was, I still managed to botch it slightly by not pressing the needle hard enough. So while my colleagues were happily blotting blood onto circled pads, I was having a panic attack while squeezing and pinching my finger to eke out smidgens of blood. Needless to say, I never thought my attempt at filling out the allergy test would amount to anything.

Imagine my surprise when I was told I was allergic to coffee, vanilla???!! , and garlic. I hate garlic, have never drank coffee in my life but vanilla?? Wow. So I started to investigate the allergic properties of vanilla and was amazed to find in a study that “bronchospasms caused by vanillin and lactose was detected in controlled double-blind challenge tests in an asthmatic patient,” (Van Assendelft AH. Bronchospasm induced by vanillin and lactose. Eur J Respir Dis 1984-65:468-73). Really? Ok – I will bake cakes with almond essence, skip the vanilla ice cream, and dig further into the vanilla research moving forward. Voila!

Take away: I was intrigued, pleasantly amazed at the result, and would like to take another one to see if I test the same.

Food Femme Fatale

With age, I have noticed that after eating, I would not feel well. That, combined with weight gain that persists regardless of diet or exercise, prompted me to investigate the idea of a food intolerance or allergy. I have always suspected that I was lactose intolerant and maybe gluten intolerant so I was excited to see what the Pinnertest would show.

The Pinnertest is a user-friendly self-test that involves a needle stick similar to those that are used to check blood sugar. Just a small pin prick and few drops of blood to find out what my food intolerance future holds.

WOW… was I surprised to see the results:

Moderate Intolerance to cocoa beans (chocolate), cane sugar, and yeast!!!! What a culinary trifecta… most things that we all love and enjoy have one, two, or all three of these ingredients!

Not at all what I expected but I am pretty sure that by avoiding these I will feel better and lose that stubborn weight!

Do you want to find out your food intolerances? There’s no need to go to the Doctor to get tested; the company sends you a kit straight to your door. You prick yourself, drop a little blood on the collection paper, and mail it back. Within 10 days, you will have your results! Use the promo code NEWYOU for $60 off your kit at Pinnertest.com.