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Signs from the Universe that You’re On the Wrong Path

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 29, 2016
Signs from the Universe that You’re On the Wrong Path

Often times, it feels like the world is against you and sometimes you feel like you are swimming against the current or climbing a steep mountain on roller skates. Worry not my friends, these tough times/monkey wrenches/curve balls don’t “just happen.” These are just indications that your energy (what you are putting out or emitting) is stuck or headed in the wrong direction. This doesn’t mean ditch your job, end your relationship, or move to a tropical island; this just means that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are focused negatively, and this is creating unwanted circumstances.

On the flip side, when your thoughts, feelings, and actions are moving at a higher frequency (or you are centered in joy and fulfillment), life will line up perfectly. You will have excellent timing, good luck, unexpected money come in, and random compliments from your peers, etc.

Unfortunately, you may not be fully aware of what you are creating moment to moment, but that is why the universe is there to help provide you with signals – which may not be blinking lights, shiny yellow caution tape, or blaring warning sirens – but, trust me, they are loud enough to get your attention or even stop you in your tracks.

For example, when I was an entrepreneur, I was running around the country like a chicken with my head cut off. I was traveling, working a hundred hours a week, and I was stressed to the max; basically, I was trying to take over the world. I was emitting fake happiness, tension, and was blind to what “success” really meant. So, the universe said, “STOP!” and I ran square into a pole and badly bruised the left side of my face. The universe literally knocked me over the head to tell me to slow down, because I wasn’t “seeing straight.” I was heading in the wrong direction and from then on, I was able to re-direct my sight on things.

Take a look at the list below and see if you’ve had any recent wake up calls. Here a few warning signs the universe sends when you are on the wrong path:

  • kitten armGetting unexpectedly sick, weakened immune system, headaches, constant illness
  • Encountering someone who is rude or short tempered with you
  • People rebel against you, are repelled by you, or try to avoid you
  • Getting injured like bumping your elbow or stubbing your toe
  • You don’t feel like yourself and are often angrier and more irritable than usual
  • Unexpected expenses or bills in the mail
  • Uneasy gut feelings
  • Arguments with your loved ones
  • Strong desires to shift your life
  • Losing or breaking your possessions, especially ones that are dear to you
  • A flat tire or car accident
  • An unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • Biting or burning your tongue
  • Encountering challenges or roadblocks at every turn

OK, I’m off track, what do I do to get back on track?

When you encounter one or more of these warning signs, stop! Do not keep working on that task, or having that conversation, or obsessing over that thought that you were just having because it is not taking you where you want to be.

Instead, take a deep breath, step away from the situation, and turn to a quiet place for answers. Albert Einstein famously said, “”No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Rightly so. If you catch these warning signs quickly and respond mindfully, the simple act of centering yourself will stop the negative momentum.

All of the warning signs above indicate the need to slow down, ground, center, to take steps to realign your thoughts with what you really want. It’s up to you to recognize the warning signs and to re-adjust yourself accordingly. You were never meant to live a life full of struggle, challenge and strife. These signs are asking you to be true to yourself and to step into your authenticity.

My general rule of thumb when it comes to avoiding a cosmic car crash is: do the opposite. In order to up my vibration and get me out of a funk, I take a look at the habits that got me in the funk and I’ll do the opposite. So instead of poring myself a glass of wine to cope with an unfortunate event, I’ll head to a yoga class. I’ll journal, write down, or contemplate my feelings instead of blasting them onto others. If I feel overwhelmed and out of sorts, instead of pushing it constantly, I’ll take a day off work to rest, relax, and catch up on taking care of “me.”  Taking responsibility for your energy (what you are putting out there) and making the right choices are key responses to a harsh warning sign.

I speak from experience when I say that the universe is on your side. I had many warning signs come my way that I ignored and my life ended up a heaping mess. Although, I look back and cringe at some of those mountains I had to climb on roller skates, I am also grateful for them. If I wouldn’t have climbed them, I wouldn’t know what standing at the top of an epic summit looks like: Victory.


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