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Slim and Sated

By Linda Childers
Posted On Sep 23, 2016
Slim and Sated

Starved for healthful dishes? Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien’s recipes will satisfy your ravenous rumblings.

Lisa Lillien 

Who she is: After losing 30 pounds in 2003, Lisa Lillien turned food sleuth, having  calorie counts of favorite “low-fat” treats checked at a food lab.

What she did: After discovering that many guilt-free foods had twice as many calories as claimed, Lillien launched her Hungry Girl website and daily newsletter to show others how to eat the foods they love at a fraction of the calories.

In March, Lillien, 48, released her latest book, The Hungry Girl Diet: Big Portions. Big Results. Drop 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks. Meanwhile, she continues to reach more than 2 million fans through her Facebook page and daily newsletter.

Her favorite snacks: “Some of my favorite snacks are Fuji apples, 100 calorie packs of nuts, red grapes, and Quest bars (I will often have half at a time instead of eating a whole one).”


Growing Oatmeal Bowl

1 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze

½ cup old-fashioned oats

½ apple, cored and chopped

¼ tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp cinnamon

2 Splenda or Truvia packets

Dash salt

Combine all ingredients in a nonstick pot on the stove. Add 1 cup water and mix well. Bring to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer. Stir often. Cook until very thick and creamy, about 12–15 minutes. Top with blueberries and additional chopped apple if you’d like.

“I am a huge fan of protein, so I tend to stick with a high protein, low starchy carb diet. A typical breakfast for me these days is my Growing Oatmeal bowl. I also love 0 percent Greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast.”


Asian-Style Albacore Picnic Salad

1 2.6 oz pouch StarKist albacore white tuna in water

3 cups chopped romaine lettuce

½ cup sugar snap peas

½ cup chopped red bell peppers

¼ cup shredded carrots

1 tbsp sliced almonds

2 tbsp low-fat sesame ginger dressing

In a large bowl, mix all ingredients except dressing. Top with dressing and toss to coat.

“I love having huge salads with lots of veggies and protein for lunch. One of my favorites is this salad that has all the crunchy goodness of a full balanced meal. I’m a volume eater so I tend to like foods that give me the most bang for my calorie buck. I also drink water and sparkling water throughout the day to stay hydrated.”


Chicken Hungry Girlfredo Bowl

1 bag tofu Shirataki noodle substitute

2 tbsp light sour cream

2 wedges The Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss cheese

4 oz cooked skinless chicken breast, chopped or sliced

1½ cups steamed veggies

garlic powder, paprika, optional

Strain, rinse, and drain noodles. Pat dry and roughly cut noodles. Bring a skillet sprayed with nonstick spray to medium heat. Add all ingredients except chicken and veggies, breaking the cheese wedges into pieces. Cook and stir until cheese has melted. Mix sour cream and coat noodles, 2–3 minutes. Top with chicken and steamed veggies.

“I love making any version of Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo. One of my favorite desserts is the Yum Yum Brownie Muffins because they are so simple and delicious.”

Yum Yum Brownie Muffins

1 box devil’s food cake mix

1 can solid pack pumpkin (15 oz)

Mix the two ingredients together. Don’t add anything else that may be mentioned on the box, such as eggs, oil, or water. The mixture will be very thick and you will
be tempted to add in other things to make the batter smoother. Place batter into muffin tins (or mini-muffin tins) lined with paper, or sprayed with non-stick spray. Bake at 400° for 20 minutes. Makes 12 regular or 36 mini muffins. 1 muffin, or 3 mini muffins contains the following: 181 calories, 3.5g fat, 37g carbs, 2g fiber, and 2g protein.