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Surprising Places You’ll Find GMOs

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 24, 2016
Surprising Places You’ll Find GMOs

The fall of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) has begun and Americans are demanding better quality food. After all, you would expect farmers to deliver healthy, poison-free food to our grocery stores, right? Wrong.

GMOs, also known as genetically mutated “Frankenfoods,” are foods laced with bug-killing pesticides and weed-killing herbicides and are never meant for human consumption. In more than 60 countries around the world, including Russia, Japan, and all of the EU, GMOs are restricted, labeled or banned. Not America!

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Most people know that these chemically doused “Frankenfoods” are commonly found in fast food restaurants and cheap produce sections. But here are a few places you might not expect to find GMOs…

Hospital food: This is the place where you body is desperate for clean food and clean water. But it won’t be getting any unless your thoughtful, well-informed relatives are bringing you organic food and spring water at least three times a day.

School food for children: C’mon, you remember those weird rectangular pizza slices (soooo good), sloppy joes, grilled cheese, and other mass produced bins of questionable food. At public schools across the country, “what gets dropped on your child’s tray is no better quality than the food served in prisons: pink slime for red meat, hormone and antibiotic-laced dairy products, artificially colored and synthetically flavored junk food snacks, and hydrogenated oil-soaked fries,” says to Natural News.

Animal feed: I mean, if humans are getting the shaft here, I can’t even imagine what animals are getting in their dog and cat food; which too, is laced with cancer-causing toxic glyphosate and other known carcinogens.

Fine-dining restaurants: You think because you order a $50 Filet Mignon with crème brulée, salmon with vegetable medley, or chicken and rice, that your food isn’t tainted with genetically modified organisms? Let’s talk turkey. If the meat is not organic and the cow wasn’t “grass-fed” then it was probably genetically modified feed and shot up with hormones and antibiotics. “Farm-raised” fish means they are raised in a lake or indoor tank where it’s over-crowded and the fish are also given artificial growth hormones and antibiotics.

Whole Foods supermarket: Hold up! The mecca of organic food sells products with GMOs?!? According to Natural News, the food bar at Whole Foods is questionable and uses oils that are tainted with GMOs (the chicken salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, or potato salad at the Whole Foods prepared food bar, in particular).

Foods labeled “gluten-free”: Most of these foods contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is genetically modified and causes migraine headaches and brain damage in infants.