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The Added Health Benefits of Cranberries

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Jun 20, 2016
The Added Health Benefits of Cranberries

Have you ever considered incorporating more cranberries into your diet? Scientists say introducing fruits such as cranberry juice into your daily regimen may help women combat urinary tract infections. Statistics show that at least six in ten women will reportedly suffer from a UTI in their lifetime but drinking an adequate amount of cranberries can greatly lower your dependence of antibiotics in response to treating UTI’s. Considered as one of the most common bacterial infections, women should not wait until they have a UTI to begin drinking/eating cranberries because it serves as a preventative measure in addition to a treatment option.

According to a 24-week study completed by Boston University of 373 women who experienced at least two UTI’s within the last 12 months, one half of the women drank approximately 227 ml of cranberry juice whereas the other half drank placebo. Once the results were in, the evidence concluded the number of UTI cases were lowered by 40 percent among cranberry drinkers with only 39 reported diagnoses in comparison to the 67 women who were placed in the placebo category.

For more information, be sure to view the video below about the “whole body health benefits of the cranberry.”