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The Perfect Workout for Your Personality

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 14, 2016
The Perfect Workout for Your Personality


Understanding yourself is the first important step to choosing the right workouts. Finding an exercise regime that makes you feel comfortable and motivated to accomplish your health goals can help you get the most out of your time and energy. Sometimes, choosing the “wrong” activity can affect self-esteem and cause stress, the opposite of what exercise is supposed to do for you! Identify what personality you are and then find the “perfect match.”


Competitive types

Prize or not, competitive personalities are very goal-oriented. They are self-motivated, and any activity that is measurable is perfect for them. There are always down to participate in any opportunity that involves competing against others. But watch out! During competitive team sports, this personality type can push people away or even cause internalization if taken too serious.


The Perfect Workouts: Running, swimming, and cycling

Avoid: Team Sports



Extroverts are workout party animals. They love people and get involved in sociable activities to meet others and engage in conversation. However, they have make sure they are not considered a distraction to those around them. Depending on the sport, participants in leadership roles might find it frustrating to have too many extroverts in one setting. Try finding sports that allow you to socialize and work out at the same time.


The Perfect Workouts: Football, netball, tennis, or even bowling

Avoid: Aerobics class, solo training, and exercising at home


Shy personalities are self-reliant. They are self-motivated and do not need validation from external sources, but they can be self-conscious around others. Since they might not be as boisterous or have the care to approach others, extroverts might approach them and ask them to participate in an activity in which they might find no interest.


The Perfect Workouts: Running, gym workouts, rock climbing, surfing, and horseback riding

Avoid: Sociable activities



Many like to strive for the best, but perfectionists are masters at this. They have high standards and like opportunities that will allow them to channel perfectionism. Their weakness can be that they are so obsessed with being perfect that they can become too self-critical. Being as though they are consumed by each mission they take, it is recommended that they focus on improving an ability other than their body on an individual scale. They can get frustrated with others who are not like them while participating in group activities.


The Perfect Workouts: Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Ballet, and Tennis

Avoid: Group sports