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Urban Skin Remedies

By Alexandra Gratereaux
Posted On Jun 28, 2016
Urban Skin Remedies

Rachel Roff (Right) and Charity Washington (Left)


Rachel Roff loves beautiful, healthy skin.

The licensed aesthetician tells New You magazine exclusively, it was this belief that propelled the creation of Urban Skin RX— a new skin care line, which aims to eliminate a series of skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, dark spots, Rosacea, Eczema, and a variety of acne issues.

For women looking to achieve flawless and vigorous skin, especially now in the Summer time, Roff says applying sunscreen is key.

“Women need to be sunblock savvy,” Roff tells New You. “Sunblock needs to be applied every single day, and this goes for every ethnicity and every skin tone.”

Roff, 34, adds that one of her favorite products in her Urban Skin RX line is the Active Daily Defense, a water and sweat moisturizer/combination sunblock.

“Sun exposure drives hyperpigmentation,” adds Roff. “It is hard for me to convince people to wear sunblock because they do not want to look like a white ghost after applying it. But, this product is different.”

Like Roff, her business partner and marketing manager Charity Washington, 30, says these products will “cater to your skin.”

“Everyone has different skin problems,” she said enthusiastically. “I can understand from a business standpoint why it would be easier to sell the 3-in-1 acne packages, but that is not what we wanted to do.”

“Customers contact us all the time needing help with Eczema and dark spots,” she continued. “We also really study ethnic skin and provide clinical skin care for all skin types with our 30 different products that we offer.”

Both Roff and Washington agree that women need “more education” on skincare, something that they say clients get once they are introduced to Urban Skin RX.

“For example, there is not much education about cystic acne,” says Roff. “In reality, regular products do not help with deep acne.”

“Your skin changes overtime,” she said. “What you eat also affects your skin as well as hormonal changes.”

Urban Skin RX is available in three packages, including the Type 1 “Clear Skin Acne Control Package” for shiny, oily and breakout prone skin. There is also the Type 2 “Even Tone Acne Control Package” for uneven skin tone, scarring, sun damage and dark spots and lastly there is the Type 3 “Even Tone Package” for hyperpigmentation and blotchy skin.