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Why this NBA Final Was One of a Kind

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Jun 20, 2016
Why this NBA Final Was One of a Kind

Disclaimer: I am a Miami Heat fan about to write about LeBron James, the Cavaliers, and the Warriors, ya tu sabes #ElHeat.

If memory serves me correctly, the moment LeBron traded in his Cavaliers jersey for a black and red Miami Heat one, LeBron went from being one of the most loved athletes to one of the most hated. In Cleveland, you could not find a Cavaliers number “23” jersey that had not been scorched or singed.

But Sunday night everything changed when King James, Kyrie Irving’s 3-pointer, and the Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship.

It was one of the greatest stories in Sports history:

  • Cleveland’s 52-year curse was finally lifted (Cleveland had not won a championship since the 1964 Browns).
  • First time a team has won the title after falling behind 3-1 in a Finals series.
  • James, true to his word, brought Cleveland a championship.
  • King James was named MVP.

If there was a way to win a championship, this was the only way.

So, in the grand scheme of things, what is the big deal about a “win?” Why is it our innate nature to want to win, be the best, and to come out on top?

Part of our intrinsic drive to “win” comes from the validation we feel within ourselves because we have seen the fruits of our labor. We also thrive from the recognition and praise we receive from others in commending us for our hard work.

After a win or an accomplishment, we usually tend to become more ambitious because our passion is renewed and our visions expand to bigger and better things. Winning is also an emotional affair – tears flow (they sure did for LeBron), shouts of joy echo, and it gives way to celebrate with our most loved ones who have supported and encouraged us all along the way. A win is a win.

With that said, congratulations to Bron-Bron, the Cavaliers, and city of Cleveland, this win was for you. Honorable mentions: Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
Photo Credit: Huffington Post


Cover photo credit: www.NBA.com