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Your Son’s First Shave

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Aug 22, 2016
Your Son’s First Shave

Do you have a young man in your household who is getting ready for his first shave? While young men start shaving at different ages, most begin between 14 and 17 years old. Use your best judgment, but if your son is growing hair around his neck, or on his face, upper-lip or chin, it is most likely time to start shaving. Don’t forget to help your son shave those first few times until he feels comfortable enough to shave on his own.

“Whether you’re a tween, teen, adult or somewhere in between, shaving is an important part of many men’s morning routines,” said Mary-Ellen Lacasse, Director of Marketing for BIC razors. “Taking time to show your son how to shave is essential, and can serve as a fun bonding experience.”
Here are some tips to remember to make sure the first time goes smoothly.


– The best time to shave is after showering. His skin is already clean, elastic and his pores are open.

– Remind him to apply shaving cream or gel in a circular motion against the grain of the hair. This softens and lifts the hair and allows for a close, less irritating shave.

– Let his shaving cream or gel rest on his skin for a few minutes to increase shaving comfort and the longevity of the blades.

– Point out that hair does not grow in the same direction on the cheeks, neck and chin. He should shave in the direction of his hair growth.

– After shaving, have him rinse his face with cold water to allow his pores to close.

Choosing the right razor for your son to start with is also very important. You are going to want to equip him with a product that is easy to use, and also easy on his sensitive skin. BIC’s newest men’s razor, the BIC® Flex 5™ offers five flexible blades allowing for an ultra-close shave, as well as a unique handle design that has a Balancing Sphere®, adding weight for better shave control.

Remember to also take things slow. By being patient with your son, and teaching him how to shave properly, you can make sure he does it right and enjoys this rite of passage.

Mary-Ellen Lacasse is the Director of Marketing – Razors, BIC USA Inc. For more information, please visit www.BICFlexRazors.com