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5 Ways To Get Out of Your Fitness Slump

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 27, 2018
5 Ways To Get Out of Your Fitness Slump

by Dede Lagree

Those closest to me know I am a self-improvement junkie. I am constantly trying to cultivate my best self. But sometimes the maxims and mantras become too overwhelming and I need to hit the reset button.

As the owner of the Lagree Fitness Studio in West Hollywood, CA, I often have clients who wonder how to do that for themselves.

If you need a fresh start, here are some helpful hacks I’ve learned on how to stay motivated and re-enter a fitness routine. With these five tactics, you can get out of your fitness rut, even when you’ve been ‘out of the game’ for a while.


  1. Baby Step Approach

When you’re powering back up, it’s best to start out small and gradually get back to where you were. Start simple by introducing small, positive changes into your daily routine. Don’t try to get back in the game with one swing.


  1. Build Your Community

Having a workout buddy or circle of friends who share similar goals creates accountability and support. Habit builds momentum, and momentum builds success. Having a friend to meet is a great way to get out the door.


  1. Set Yourself Up For Success

Set realistic, achievable goals. Be sure to celebrate each success and goal as you achieve it. Don’t overlook your progress. Mileage markers are a fun way to note your progress but don’t get blinded by the numbers. Success also includes how we feel. What you say about you is more important than what a scale says.


  1. Get Crafty

What gets written, gets done. Make a motivation board or Pinterest page to visualize your goals. This will help you stay focused and inspired. Creating a collage of the place you want to visit or the clothes you want to wear or the race you want to run will remind you why you want to get back in the game. Which brings me to my last point:


  1. Remember Your Original Goal

Remind yourself of what made you lace up your Nikes in the first place. When you remember your original goals, it will give you that boost of motivation you need to push through barriers.


Ultimately, I love hitting the reset button because it gives me the chance to reflect on and reconsider my priorities. It’s an opportunity to take stock of what matters most: staying fit gives me the physical energy and mental confidence to fully enjoy my other passions. By starting slow, building a community, setting yourself up for success, being creative, and remembering the Why, you can get out of your fitness rut and back in the game.




Dede Lagree

Owner + Head Instructor, Lagree Fitness® Studio

Dede Lagree owns and operates the hugely successful and fast-growing West Hollywood fitness studio, LagreeFitness®Studio. Established in January 2016, Lagree Fitness® Studio exclusively offers the only 25-minute full-body workout on the patented Lagree Supra™ machine, the FIRST fitness equipment in the WORLD to incline and tilt to the right and left.

It is the only patented workout in Los Angeles, gaining rapid popularity with nearly 15,000 people through its doors in its first 16 months of operation, and recently dubbed “Hollywood’s Toughest Workout!” by the Los Angeles Times.

The Lagree Fitness® Method and Megaformer® machine, created by Dede’s husband and business partner Sebastien Lagree, is now used in more than 300+ licensee locations worldwide, and can be found in almost every major city across the U.S., in addition to Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia and more. Dede is the force behind advising the fitness guru to break away from the licensee business model and open up the first “LagreeFitness® Studio” to establish and test-drive the Supra™ among local clientele.

With a lifelong passion for mind and body health, Dede is also head instructor at the studio and created and trademarked the Booty Burn® class, Lagree Fitness® Studio’s most popular class.

With a background in modeling and health, fitness and nutrition have always gone hand-in-hand for Dede which is why completed her education as a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in November 2017 and is bringing those services to Lagree Fitness Studio clients in 2018.