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Everybody Do the Frog

By Danny Musico
Posted On May 19, 2016
Everybody Do the Frog

In the spirit of “getting it done,” our favorite celebrity trainer/former boxing champ introduces us to all-star abs and all-over power, carved the amphibian way.

I’m blessed to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, as well as luminaries from across the sports world. If you’ve worn their jersey, bought their song, or rooted for them on the big or small screen, there’s a good chance I’ve put them through the paces at the gym. Needless to say, these people take superb care of their bodies and are always down to break a sweat with the top equipment available on the market. It’s with this in mind that I introduce you to Frog Fitness (frogfitness.com), a breakthrough machine that provides a complete, full-body workout with smooth, seamless movement.

The Frog is truly next-level. We’re talking every major muscle group targeted at once, all the while activating your aerobic system and shredding up that core. Super intelligently designed, it can be used in a variety of ways and get you working up to your maximum potential. As my star clients are quickly learning, the results come quickly and with a vengeance.

The Frog-2

Here’s a closer look at some of what the Frog has in store. Pushing off the back of your heels while pushing off into a plank, You find yourself suspended in air. (Think you can handle merciless core work?) Now, roll yourself out into a full plank. There are tension bands creating custom tension between the upper and lower body. Ten, 20, 60, 100 pounds… Challenge yourself. As you press out, you’ve got that customized amount of resistance against you. You can go from a plank to a pike. You can lock the front wheels and push the back of the machine like a leg press. If you unlock the front and back wheels, you can cover serious territory.

As mentioned, a lot of my clients are top-tier pro athletes, all I hear is how their legs just go on fire. There’s no cheating room with the Frog, either, because if you go too light on the bands, there’s no resistance pushing back and that is intensely difficult in the opposite way. So, you’ve got to find the happy medium. As you’re working up to it, and you don’t have the arm and shoulder machine, there’s a bench there to support you. If you take that bench off, it turns into a standing upright machine. You can stand on the lower portion and do curls. Did I mention I could go on and on?

Bottom line, the Frog is the new hit at my gym. I’ll leave you with this: I had the entire Munich soccer team in here, and mind you these are some of the best athletes in the world. Some of these guys tried the Frog and could barely handle it. They loved the challenge, as do my clients, as do I.

Always challenge yourself. It’s all part of getting it done.