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Flying High with Hylete

By Danny Musico
Posted On Jan 28, 2016
Flying High with Hylete

Finding the right workout gear is a big deal to a person like me. I live and work in performance gear. As my clients come to me to learn how to maximize their physical potential, the clothing they wear plays a big factor, too. Is it breathable? Does it constrict movement? Will it hold up after a number of rigorous rounds in the gym?

That’s why I really love Hylete (hylete.com), a California-based apparel company that just gets it right in terms of fit, style, and quality. They’ve found that happy middle ground between baggy gym clothes and that superhero-tight, “check me out” gear. In other words: It’s the right fit for truly athletic, stylish individuals. If you’re a real athlete, you don’t want shorts that ride up your butt. And form-fitting is great, but one of the worst thing you can do is work out in clothing that restricts your movement. Sometimes with T-shirts, they’ll restrict your arm movement, and that makes for improper form. And with me, form is everything.

So when I got a look at Hylete, I was really impressed. It’s form-flattering, yet doesn’t get in its own way. Nothing in the line, for men or women, restricts. These pieces flex and move with you. if I’m bringing my knee to my chest, there’s not going to be unnecessary resistance there. As a trainer who really cares about the details of my clients’ fitness, this is crucial.

Now, I see it at the gym and around town… There are two different kinds of guys — those in the super-super-tight gear who want to stand out, and those on the opposite side of the spectrum who are all about comfort. Me, I like a comfortable fit, but nothing too baggy. You won’t find me wearing a Speedo at the gym. The happy medium between these two poles is the proper fit. Hylete has great compression socks and tights, and they just fit right.

For anyone serious about their fitness, who wants great looking gear that complements the hard work they’re putting in at the gym, I recommend Hylete in a big way.

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Photo Credit: Hylete