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DIY Mason Jar Meals

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Jun 28, 2016
DIY Mason Jar Meals


With our Instagram feeds flooding with mason jar meals, it was only a matter of time before we said bye to boring plates and bowls. Not only are they trendy, the portion-controlled plates are easy and portable. Since many of us eat with our eyes, mason jars filled with vibrant colors and delicious healthiness are the perfect way to show off all the layers and textures of our meals before we dig in.

There are tons of mason jar recipes starting from balanced breakfasts to kick start your day, on to nutritious lunches to keep you energized, and five-star dinners that are sure to please. The possibilities are endless, so it would be a sin not to include delectable desserts.

But how is it done and what makes a perfect, portion-controlled plate? There must be some sort of science behind these perfectly stacked servings!

The New You Beauties share all you need to know for a properly assembled, well-dressed, non-soggy, DIY stacked-meal in the video below.

So whether you’re simply storing your meals in mason jars, using it as a vessel to shake up your ingredients, or transporting meals on the go, it’s super easy – just follow our lead.