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Snacking Right, Looking Great

By Danny Musico
Posted On Jul 04, 2016
Snacking Right, Looking Great

Want to look like the most beautiful people in the world — celebs, elite athletes, models, tastemakers, and CEOs? Then you have to munch like one.

Being committed to the gym is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. More than looking great in a swimsuit or turning heads at a big event, physical fitness provides a doorway to a better life, across the board. I know for sure that I want flexibility, power, and ease of movement for decades to come. Don’t you? To lift your luggage above your seat on an airplane, move with grace around town, play with the grandkids in the yard… These are experiences you don’t want to miss. But gym time is only a piece of this important puzzle. You’ve got to eat smart, and that includes you snacks.

Luckily, finding nutritious, grab-and-go snacks that taste awesome is not the chore it used to be. Believe me, the actors, musicians, and pro-ballers who train with me are used to having it all, and they insist that the foods they consume satisfy on all levels. (Truth be told, I’m a little like that, too.) With that in mind, here are some of the snacks I keep on hand around my gym, on top of the Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills, that my clients literally eat up.

Danny’s Snacks That Get It Done

Jack Links
Instagram: @jacklinksjerky

We all know that proper protein intake is an essential component to a fitness-forward diet. I am a huge fan of Jack Link’s (jacklinks.com) jerky products. They are an excellent source of lean, healthy, straightforward protein and take care of those animalistic cravings that come up at the gym when you’re really working hard. I stock my gym with the brand’s turkey and chicken varieties, and clients often leave with some to eat on their trip home.

Instagram: @smashpack

There’s a lot to love about SmashPack (smashpack.com), a super satisfying and good-for-you combo of fruit and whey protein, in a soft, squeezable container. It’s easy, rings in at just 100 calories, and tastes amazing. The SmashPack is ideal for hikers, bikers, canoers, and other outdoors-y types. But honestly, they’ve become a hit inside my gym, too.

Barney Butter
Instagram: @barneybutter

Fun to eat and totally addictive, I’m a huge fan of Barney Butter (barneybutter.com) almond butter snack packs. Available in nine different flavors, including Bare, Smooth, Crunchy, Cocoa-Coconut, Raw Chia, and more, they’re made from the best California almonds only and deliver excellent protein. My clients are constantly relying on these great-tasting pouches to pull them through when I’ve put them through their paces.

Instagram: @Biosteelsports
Instagram: @biosteelsports

I can never say enough about Biosteel protein (biosteel.com). I’ve tried countless protein products through the years, and honestly I can say: This is hands-down the best out there. The brand slogan is “Drink the Pink,” and I encourage all of my clients to do so. It’s low sodium with great flavor that doesn’t taste “straight from a lab,” not to mention loads of electrolytes and tons of quality amino acid protein. Sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and caffeine-free, this is a vegan-friendly, read-to-chug protein source that can take your recovery to a new level.