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Water It Down

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Dec 29, 2015
Water It Down

My mom, being the health guru she is and has always been, did not allow soda through our front door. It was all about water. Those childhood snacks we all craved as kids, well, in our household those were fruits and vegetables. Admittedly, choosing water over soda and artificial fruit juices was second nature to me, after all I had been doing it all of my life. But what if I had not been raised with such a healthy regimen? Could I really choose plain ol’ Jane (water) over bubbly Ms. Thang (soda) over there? Hmm, while that is up for debate, I decided to research the health benefits of drinking water. A word of warning to all my soda drinkers, be ready to put down the soda you were probably just drinking while reading this article.

Here are 4 reasons why water is your new best friend:

Water It Down

1. Fluid Balance

Water aids in regulating important body functions: maintaining the body’s fluid balance, transporting nutrients throughout the body, regulating body temperature, and facilitating healthy digestion.

2. Calorie Control

Drinking a glass of water will help you feel full, as a result, you will be able to pass on the donuts that made their way to your desk. Not to mention water has zero calorie! Try drinking at least 16 ounces of chilled water in the morning to boost your metabolism by 24%. Let’s drink to that!

3. Glowing Skin

Water and your skin are soul sisters. Water flushes toxins from the blood, which helps keep your dermis glowing and blemish free! Dehydration also makes your skin look drier and wrinkled so make sure to keep the water handy.

4. Muscle Fuel

When muscle cells do not receive the adequate amount of fluids, they shrivel causing muscle fatigue. Take a sip of water for that extra energy to finish that final set of squats. You got this!

Forgetful of water? Try keeping a water bottle in your purse, on your office desk and on your night table for easy access. Is water too boring for you? Try infusing it with your favorite fruits to give it a little something. No excuses. Get to drinking! #TransformationTuesday

Water It Down