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What Do Your Cravings Say About You?

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On May 25, 2016
What Do Your Cravings Say About You?

Have you ever driven way too many miles to Krispy Kreme because you just had to get there in time for the hot and ready sign?

Or found yourself completely distracted during your work meeting because you’re too busy salivating over the thought of some dark chocolate?

If so, then food cravings are all too familiar to you.

Cravings are not to be mistaken for hunger seeing that hunger is controlled by the stomach while cravings are controlled by the brain. When you’re craving a particular food, your body is actually communicating with you.

The reason for your craving can be attributed to many things. However, most often than not, your craving is indicating that your body is lacking a particular nutrient, vitamin, or mineral.

What does your craving say about you?

  • Chocolate

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Seeing that chocolate is high in magnesium, your craving may indicate a lack of magnesium in your system. Also, chocolate is metabolized to serotonin which is a mood-boosting hormone. Therefore, if you’re craving chocolate, it could also mean you’re in  a bad emotional state.

  • Sugar

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If you have a sweet tooth that never seems to be satisfied, this may indicate blood sugar imbalances as well as mineral deficiencies. Sugar cravings may also indicate dehydration so be sure to drink twice the amount of water you normally drink when having these cravings. Rather than opting for candy and cake, snack on a few pieces of fruit when your cravings kick in.

  • Salt

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If you’re not a fan of sugary items, you probably have an unhealthy addiction to salt. Craving salty foods may actually indicate that your stress hormones are fluctuating. Seeing that most salty foods are crunchy, eating them is a way to relieve stress. However, try eating nuts, legumes, and whole grains rather than opting for salted potato chips and French fries.

  • Fat

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If you suddenly have the urge for some deep fried chicken or battered shrimp, it probably means you’re lacking in essential fatty acids. In order to minimize the cravings, eat more good quality fats such as avocado, nuts, salmon, and tuna.

  • Caffeine

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If you patiently wait in the Starbucks line to get your daily caffeine fix, it could mean you’re trying to cope with something negative. You may be trying to get a “high” or boost of energy to make it throughout the day. It could also be a sign of dehydration.

Learn to take charge of your cravings with the 80/20 principle.

What are you craving right now?

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