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10 Things that Happen When You Begin to Trust Yourself

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 28, 2016
10 Things that Happen When You Begin to Trust Yourself

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust isn’t in the branch, but in her own wings.”

Self-doubt is the worst. To me, it’s a little mangy monster that lives inside and relentlessly rambles, “It’s not going to work,” “You aren’t good enough,” “You’ll fail,” “It’s always going to be the same,” “You can’t make that amount of money…” and he never shuts up.

You second guess, you are uncomfortable most the time, you are unsure of everything from what you’ll have for breakfast to your own power, and you just let the little monster eat you alive… day, after day, after day.

Well, sometimes you just have to give the little guy what he wants to shut him up because waging an all out inner war against all your inner monsters is just way too much energy. So, you distract him with an ice cream cone and begin to say to him, “There you are, you will be okay, everything will end up just fine.” He smiles back at you and his green goo begins to melt alongside the ice cream cone.

When you begin to nurture the resistance you feel on day to day basis, eventually that inner fight will fizzle and self-love will truly prevail. This is when magic begins to happen:

  1. You own your hurts, pains, and insecurities as opposed to running from them or hiding behind them.
  2. Your self-confidence shoots through the roof and you become an unstoppable force of nature.
  3. You breathe easier, giving yourself the much-needed applause you deserved all along.
  4. You begin to beat yourself up less and give yourself the benefit of the doubt more.
  5. You let go of mistakes, cheat foods, white lies, and whatever else slips through the cracks of perfection.
  6. You don’t need to know what happens next, you don’t need to know how to get there, you just know.
  7. You realize that those who don’t or can’t accept you “as is” aren’t really meant to be in our life anyway.
  8. On the flip side, you start to expect less from others and don’t need people to “get you.”
  9. You see that telling the truth in all things is the key to deeper meaning, connection and trust and it’s no longer scary, but liberating.
  10. You let go of outcomes and whether or not it’ll be easy or hard; and you begin to realize you are ultimately better off —because now you know how strong you actually are.

Rejoice in the threshold of a trusting relationship with yourself and give your little monster a popsicle today. Let him know, “I got you, you just relax and I’ll take care of everything. I am in charge and nothing is going to stop me now.” Your self-doubt monster will probably be thrilled that you finally paid him some attention.