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10 Ways to Feel Slimmer by Tomorrow

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jan 29, 2021
10 Ways to Feel Slimmer by Tomorrow

If this time of year has you feeling bleh and more bloated than usual, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you! Here are ten surefire ways to wake up tomorrow feeling slimmer than you feel today. Maybe Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your debloated stomach can be!

Morning: Drink Hot Water & Lemon

A cup of hot lemon water in the morning wakes up your digestive system and helps get things moving. If you don’t like the taste of warm lemon water, you can drink green tea with lemon as an alternative.

Breakfast: Go Dairy Free

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Many people, lactose-intolerant or not, feel belly discomfort after eating dairy. So leave the cream out of the coffee and the yogurt out of your morning breakfast. Opt for dairy-free breakfast ideas such as oatmeal protein bars or a tofu scramble. You will feel better, slimmer, and your skin will be clearer as an added bonus.

Mid-Morning: Have a Tropical Snack

Pineapple and papaya contain bromelain and papain enzymes- that help banish bloat by breaking down protein and easing digestion. So before lunch, snack on a bowl of cut-up fruit, or make a pineapple, papaya, and coconut water smoothie.

Lunch: Eat Quinoa

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Quinoa’s many nutrients include fiber and potassium, both of which are important if you want to feel less bloated. Try a superfood salad that combines kale, quinoa, and fruit for a deliciously nutritious lunch.

All Day: Don’t Chew Gum

This is a secret of debloating brides- stop chewing gum to feel less puffy. Many gums contain sugar alcohol and cause you to swallow more air, which can make you feel bloated.

All Day: Drink More Water

Our trusty friend H2O helps flush out toxins and extra salt from your system so remind yourself to drink more water throughout the day. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is a great way to ensure you’re always staying hydrated.

After Work: Detox with Yoga

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The twisting, turning, and stretching in yoga helps rid your body of toxins by aiding in digestion. Don’t have a studio membership? Look up detoxing yoga sequences online. YouTube is full of tutorials that can help you aid in digestion detox.

Dinner: Opt for Asparagus

Asparagus encourages digestive health by stimulating the growth of good bacteria in your body. Eat a dinner that is heavy on asparagus and add in a lean protein for further debloating properties.

Evening: Drink a Debloating Tea

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Spices like cinnamon and ginger help clear out your system, so having a hot cup of tea before you go to bed can help soothe your stomach. It will also prep you for the last step- a good night’s sleep.

Night: Get to Sleep on Time

Sleep helps regulate your metabolism, so lack of sleep can make you feel sluggish. Skip out on the nightly Netflix binges and keep your body working its best by ensuring you get seven to nine hours of sleep at night.

Happy slimming!