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4 Things Your Partner Wants to Hear in Bed

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 03, 2019
4 Things Your Partner Wants to Hear in Bed

Whether your sex life is extremely active or a bit lacking, anyone can benefit from putting in a little extra effort in bed. Whether they tell us or not, our partners like to hear from us during the act. Communication can be just the aphrodisiac you and your partner need to reignite your love life. Here are four things he wants to hear in bed.

Guidance: Tell him what you like and where to go without sounding pushy. He likes when you give him playful directives because it shows you are as engaged and excited as him.

Reassurance: When he’s doing something right, tell him! The reassurance gives him confidence and will inspire him to try harder.

Stroke his ego: Compliment him. It will send his confidence through the roof and strip away any hidden inhibitions.

Initiative: Make the first move. If he’s always the one initiating intercourse, try telling him you want it when he least expects it. His excitement will soar.