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Aerin Scents

By Ingrid Tamara
Posted On Aug 26, 2013

Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estee Lauder has launched her own fragrance line of five scents that are as beautifully pleasing to the eye, as they are to the nose. Each bottle resembling a beautiful piece of jewelry, with each cap resembling a different precious stone. And just like with jewelry, I now want them all.

Gardenia Rattan- With a blend of cool and aromatic notes, this takes me to a summer-time garden party with champagne flute in hand. This is a perfect day time fragrance, herbal and floral, but still modern.

Lilac PathThis is a rich fusion of powdery florals, and citrus notes. Like its name suggests, this scent is that of an opulent secret garden.

Ikat Jasmine- This scent is perfect for the stylish career woman. This fragrance would be my workday go-to. This is a fresh approach to a white floral note, still pretty, yet perfectly zesty.

Evening Rose- Here is a yummy night-time scent. Dry, but also sweet, we can go from rose-picking, to star gazing.

Amber Musk- Trumpets please!! We have arrived at my personal favorite of all of these candies. These spicy amber notes are spiked with a hint of coconut, resulting in what I’m sure will be a compliment catcher by both sexes.

These new treats by an American beauty heiress will be hitting Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman in November of this year. We will also be able to get our hands on them at Aerin.com, as well as Esteelauder.com