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By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 21, 2017

Former Miss USA 1996, Ali Landry, noticed certain changes to her body after the birth of her three children and realized that she had to become more cognoscente of her health. “I started a daily talk show and that’s when I felt a little brain fog when everyone else was so sharp and I questioned myself – my brain was saying something but what was wrong with my mouth?” she said. “That’s when I started on my own health journey to really figure out what’s going on in my body while trying to keep healthy.”

For the model/actress, it is all about cellular health and she admitted that she recently started following the Ketogenic Diet which is a low carb/high fat diet. “I give my body fat first thing in the morning, whether it is palm or coconut oil or grass-fed butter, and I stir that in my coffee,” she said. Landry also finds that if she eats between 12 noon and 8pm only, she has more energy.

NEW YOU caught up with the Louisiana actress in Los Angeles at the launch of Bare Mineral’s new app that helps customize your foundation. The app, Made-2-Fit, is amazingly intuitive and the steps are very easy to follow. All you do is tap your camera phone a few times against a white paper, then tap it in the same way over four points on your face (left and right forehead, left and right jawline). “I downloaded this app last night and was shocked at the technology,” she enthused. “I think it is a game changer in the beauty business. I put my phone on my cheek and I got the perfect match!”

When it comes to the health of her own skin, Landry is all about nourishing her skin from within. “I put plenty of collagen powders in my coffee and in my smoothies and I take a lot of vitamins for my skin, hair and nails,” she says. “I am very diligent with my skin and I make sure that I get something super hydrating and as I get older, I want to keep my skin nourished.”

For daily health and beauty tips, you can follow Landry on Instagram @alilandry.



Ali Landry