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Anti-Aging: Environment

By New You Editorial
Posted On May 04, 2011

Another huge contributor to rapid aging is a toxic environment, which includes the air we breathe, the water we drink and the other environmental pollutants, including electromagnetic frequencies. How to protect yourself from these is important, especially since toxins are silent killers that do their damage over decades.


Water is probably the easiest of the basic elements to ‘clean up.’ This can be accomplished by filtering your home drinking water and/or by purchasing bottled water. Even here care is necessary; glass is always better than plastic for bottle water, since plastic can leach out its chemicals over time into the water. When it comes to bottled water, fresh water from streams or springs is always better than filtered water, since such water can still carry a molecular memory of its past.


Food is another element that brings toxins into the body. All fruits and vegetables should be washed prior to consumption to avoid toxic pesticide residues. If at all possible, one should consumer organic fruits and vegetables rather than one that use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. When it comes to fish, poultry and meat, the same is true: wild fish is better than farmed fish, free-range organic poultry is better than caged and hormone injected, and grass-fed beef is better than corn-fed.


Air is harder to detoxify. The best solution is to live near the ocean or in mountain areas. If you live in a major urban area, you may want to consider an air filter for your home or place of work. Usually these are ‘ionizing’ devices that remove particles from the air, at the same time adding negative ions to the air, which helps to remove free radicals from the air you breathe.


While we are subjected to a vast array of electromagnetic frequencies, these are very hard to guard against. The ultimate solution is to live away from dense, urban environments (stay away from power plants); alternately you can construct a ‘Faraday Cage’ to shield you from electromagnetic frequencies. This is expensive and rare, however; better is simply to avoid things like standing in front of a micro-wave, getting a lot of X-rays or spending long hours with a cell phone attached to your head.

Many anti-aging doctors will recommend detoxifying diets that can help remove heavy metals from your system. You can also clean out your system through a cleansing diet that relies heavily on fresh juices.