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The Anti-Aging Veggie

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 11, 2021
The Anti-Aging Veggie

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Incorporate artichoke leaves, not just the hearts, into your diet for a quality source of antioxidants.

Most people favor the interior part of the artichoke known as the heart, but it’s the thistle-like leaves that actually contain the majority of the health benefits. Artichokes are packed with nutrients and age-extending properties. Here we provide three reasons why you should add more artichokes leaves to your diet.

Top of the class.  Artichokes ranked number seven on the USDA’s top 20 anti-oxidant-rich foods.

Lowers Cholesterol. Artichoke leaf extract has shown to reduce cholesterol levels. A double-blind study shows that patients given artichokes had experienced an 18.5% reduction in cholesterol levels.

Liver Function. Artichokes contain the flavonoid sillymarin, which helps regenerate liver tissue. Additionally, artichokes increase the production of bile that your liver needs to remove toxins and fats.