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Are You Ready for Love?

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 02, 2016
Are You Ready for Love?

I’m a sucker for the cheesy, made-for-girlfriends-night-in type quizzes that I mostly scroll through when I’m stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. I blame Cosmopolitan for this fixation and for all the years of making tantalizing quizzes that, for a 16-year old, dominated all outcomes of my teenage life. Fast forward another 16 years and I’m still digging for the truth at the bottom of a multiple-choice love test.

So I enthusiastically rounded up the girls at work and told them I have nine simple questions to ask them.

“About what?” they said, bright-eyed.

“Are you ready for love?” I responded, knowing the single ladies would light up as I did at the prospect of a hopeful prognosis.

Ranging from ages 23 to 33, our results differed:

Ready for love = 2
On the fence of being ready for love = 3
Not ready for love but will be soon = 1
Not really ready but hope for the best = 1

Do I believe this quiz is a sham? Yes. But it sure was fun to take.

The only thing I’ll give it credit for is that I would consider it a gauge. This quiz clearly measures the calibration (or strength/weakness) of your beliefs surrounding love, which I suppose, can be helpful. But just like everything in the Universe, we are all unique and complex so to consolidate our ‘readiness’ in a short quiz, I think, is silly. But like I said, fun! It’s nine simple questions and takes about ten minutes to complete.

The quiz was created by Arielle Ford, best-selling author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction. She is also the sister of world-renowned spiritual development and new thought leader Debbie Ford.  

“So, it’s legit,” I told the girls. LOL.


  1. Do you believe the perfect partner exists for everyone?
    a. Yes
    b. Yes, but it requires a lot of compromise.
    c. Not sure.
    d. No.
  1. Do you believe you are loveable?
    a. Yes, definitely.
    b. Most of the time I believe it.
    c. Possibly, maybe.
    d. No.
  1. If your soulmate knocked on your door right now, how prepared are you emotionally and physically?
    a. 100%
    b. 85%
    c. 50%
    d. not at all
  1. Do you have an ex-lover that you are still pining for?
    a. I am totally complete and done with my past lovers.
    b. Not really. I’m in pretty good shape.
    c. I am currently working on letting go of an ex.
    d. Yes. I’m obsessed.
  1. I have not yet met my soulmate because:
    a. I believe in divine timing and I am savoring the waiting.
    b. I haven’t been 100% ready.
    c. All the good ones are taken.
    d. I’m too old/fat/broke/damaged or some other reason.
  1. If my soulmate could observe my life today, he/she would see that:
    a. I have a great life and I’m ready to share it.
    b. I’m almost ready but could use a breakthrough or two in a few areas of my life.
    c. I’d like to find love but there are still big obstacles in my life.
    d. I’m a basket case.
  1. The real reason I want a soulmate is:
    a. To share my love and life with a partner in a deeply committed, loving relationship.
    b. To experience being loved, cherished, and adored.
    c. I don’t want to be alone anymore.
    d. I want someone to fix me and take care of me.
  1. Is there room in your home for your soulmate?
    a. Yes. There’s room in my closets and in my heart.
    b. Depends…how much room do they need?
    c. If they show up, I’ll make room.
    d. No.
  1. Do you truly believe your soul- mate is out there, somewhere?
    a. Yes, absolutely.
    b. Most of the time I believe it.
    c. Possibly, but I’m not convinced.
    d. No.

Now, add up your A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s…

If the majority of your answers are A’s:
Congratulations. You have the right attitude and love is just around the corner for you. I’ll bet you already know that AND even if it doesn’t happen all that quickly, you will continue to live your life with love, passion, and appreciation.

If the majority of your answers are B’s:
You have a strong idea of the kind of relationship you don’t want but you haven’t gotten 100% clear on the type of man/ woman you want to spend your life with. Identify a soulmate couple you can use as a role model while practicing living “as if” the love of your life is already with you.

If the majority of your answers are C’s:
The optimist in you is over- shadowed by your fear that you might not get your heart’s desire if you declare your intention to find your soulmate. You often forget how loveable you really are. Take some time to focus on healing your heart of past hurts while learning to fall in love with yourself before jumping into the manifestation techniques in The Soulmate Secret.

If the majority of your answers are D’s:
Here’s the good news: You are not in denial that you have a negative frame of mind when it comes to finding big love. The not-so-good news is that you have some work to do to change your beliefs about yourself and your possibilities for romantic happiness. I would suggest you find someone to help you work through your hurts of the past while building your self-esteem and creating new beliefs about the future. If you believe that there is enough air to breathe and water to drink, start believing that there is more than enough love for you in this lifetime.

Source: ArielleFord.com

Photo: ABC/The Bachelorette