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Audrina Patridge on swim trends and life with a new baby

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 18, 2017
Audrina Patridge on swim trends and life with a new baby


The SIMPLY Los Angeles Fashion/Beauty Conference brought the beauties out for a day of tips, tricks, and tons of beauty fun. Panelist, former Hills star, and now swimsuit designer Audrina Patridge was out and about and caught up with New You to discuss the event, trends in swim, and healthy eating now that she has joined the mommy club.


At a day filled with knowledge, Audrina was excited to contribute her nuggets of information and pay it forward. “I work a lot with simply and they’re amazing so when they asked me to speak on the panel, I said ‘I would love to’ because I feel like a lot of people have questions about how I transitioned into starting my own swim line and what I’ve been through since and what it’s taken to me get to where I am, so I wanted to share that and hopefully inspire other people or help them in any way. I know I needed a lot of help in the beginning and I wish there was something like this I could’ve gone to to get knowledge.”


A newcomer to the world of fashion and swimwear, the budding designer filled us in on what to expect this summer. “I think lots of high waisted, it’s still in. More fashion pieces. I feel like at this point people aren’t wearing swim to go to the beach and lay out, they’re wearing it more to go to parties or different events. They’re also wearing it with boots and little t-shirts. So I think swim wear is stepping up to a whole new level. It’s not just for the pool.”


As a new mom, Audrina is more conscious than ever about what she eats and what her young daughter Kira eats as well. “I think with every meal you should have a food that is alive. Whether it’s vegetables or fruits or something, if it’s all carbs, you need to have something that’s nutritious and alive. I’m very aware of what I’m eating and what I’m giving my baby. I don’t want to get fast food. I want everything to be as organic as it could be. My dad and my sisters are all vegan. I’m not vegan but I’m slowly transitioning into that. Kira is just now starting to eat real food now so it’s forcing me to go home and cook three times a day now.”


Not only are her food choices now more important, but her exercise regimen has changed as well. “I had a C-section so after having the baby, there are certain exercises that I have to be careful with so my abs don’t separate. I think for everyone, they need to choose something they love doing whether it be kickboxing, Pilates, or whatever. I like having a trained because they force me to get my butt in the gym.”