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Avene Dermo-K

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Oct 21, 2013

Before recently, the concept of “ingrown hairs” was foreign to me. I knew they existed in theory, but did not know their cause, their appearance, or methods to eliminate them. I admit I confused my own ingrown hairs for “razor burn.”

That is until an interesting product arrived at my desk from Avene—Dermo K for Men—marketed as a treatment for ingrown hair and soothing skin relief for men post shaving. I read over the ingredients and claims, which state that in a study over the course 29 days, 46% of participants indicated a reduction in ingrown hairs. I was intrigued by the fact that it listed thermal spring water as a main ingredient, and pleased with the statistics. I thought, could my “razor burn” actually be ingrown hairs; and if so, could this product really work?

For me the magic number was 14, because two weeks later (after applying nightly) I saw significant improvement in the appearance of my bikini line. I was pleasantly amazed that a product, which made such a bold claim, actually worked, and relieved that I could put on my tiniest bikini without feeling any sense of discomfort. Amen to that.


-Elena Schmidt; Naturally light, sunkissed Miamian, seeking to find my perfect shade