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Berries on the Brain

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 01, 2013

New You Health Tip: Goji berries may just be your brain’s savior.

Small, red and “raisin-like,” goji berries pack a big nutritional punch. Chinese medicine has traditionally utilized this super fruit because of its powers to safeguard the health of the body and mind. Goji berries boast a long list of nutrients including beta carotene and E vitamins along with zinc, calcium and copper among others. Preliminary research even suggests that the power packed berry may be neuroprotective. Studies show that extracts within the goji berry disrupt proteins found within the brain that are specifically related to Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers believe that the fruit will be a major part of future treatments for this disease. In the meantime, consuming the goji berry on a daily basis is a good preventative measure.