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Cheers to your liver!

By Alvaro Martinez
Posted On Dec 28, 2017
Cheers to your liver!

If you haven’t experienced a hangover, then you are truly blessed. For us less fortunate ones who have endured one or two (or maybe more) hangovers, we know it’s everything but a thrill ride.

From greasy foods to black coffee, we have all tried different home remedies to alleviate the hangover while it’s happening. But why not treat hangovers before they happen?

Morning Recovery is the newest dietary supplement designed to replenish your body after a night out and prevent the dreaded hangover symptoms. After enjoying a night out, drink a bottle of Morning Recovery before going to bed and wake up feeling ready to take on the day.

Founder and CEO Sisun Lee was a product manager at Tesla, Facebook, and Uber before starting Morning Recovery. After a trip to South Korea, he witnessed the drinking culture and the supplements they took after consuming alcohol to prevent hangovers. When he came back to the States, he partnered with Dr. Jing Liang, M.D, P.H.D., and professor at USC, to formulate a healthy and effective way to have a great time and feel refreshed the following morning.


Let’s get technical, technical!

While the science behind hangovers is still hard to pinpoint, certain patterns have helped us understand parts of the process. Hangovers are the body’s response to alcohol entering the bloodstream. Acetaldehyde, a toxin that results from the alcohol breakdown in the liver, builds up when we consume more alcohol than our liver can process. This build-up causes headaches, nausea, vomiting, and other hangover symptoms.

Source: Mashable.com


Here is where Morning Recovery steps in – Morning Recovery’s ingredients all work together to tackle every aspect of the dreaded hangover.

  • Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is found inside Hovenia Dulcis, an Oriental raisin tree. It supports the liver’s natural detoxification process by speeding up the acetaldehyde decomposition to prevent buildup.
  • Prickly Pear Extract helps to maintain the body’s natural metabolic response and reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamin B Complex helps in supporting the body’s natural protective enzymes.
  • Milk Thistle consists of silymarin which contains healthy anti-oxidants.
  • Taurine helps the natural response against lipid buildup in the liver.
  • Electrolytes not only help us maintain our blood sugar levels and blood pressure, but it also keeps us hydrated to allow both muscular and nervous systems working properly.

Personal Takeaway

I decided to try Morning Recovery not only for the flavor, but to see if it delivers what it promised. During a stressful week, I decided to unwind a bit with a few beers one night. Considering I still had to work the next morning, I decided to try Morning Recovery. First, I have to say, I’m a big fan of the bottle. It’s lightweight and the label is visually appealing, minimalistic, and inviting. Although I’m not a big fan of peach flavored anything, the flavor was very smooth and easy to take. I drank Morning Recovery and went straight to bed, excited to see the results the next morning. Other than my daily struggle to get out of bed because I love to sleep, I didn’t have the post-drinking grogginess I usually have. After a night of drinking, I usually wake up more lethargic than usual and with dizziness that transforms into a headache. It’s fair to say that Morning Recovery not only tastes good but it allowed me to go to work and be productive after drinking the night before. (www.morningrecoverydrink.com, $30/6-pack)


Disclaimer: The consumption of Morning Recovery does not advocate for binge drinking or the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly and in moderation. Morning Recovery is not a cure-all – it’s intended to boost the body’s reaction to alcohol after a night of drinking.