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Cooler Essentials & Quick Hacks

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 30, 2016
Cooler Essentials & Quick Hacks


The beautiful beaches are popular destinations every year. With the scorching heat, we want to make sure you stay cool and refreshed as much as possible. One major thing that usually isn’t left behind is a cooler. But sometimes what you want in the cooler may be forgotten when you’re rushing out to have the time of your life with friends and family. We have a quick checklist of what should be in your cooler along with some cool hacks you’ll probably enjoy and appreciate.

The obvious, ice and beverages
Pack loose ice in sealable bags for inexpensive instant ice packs! Make sure you pack the same amount of water as you do sugary drinks. You don’t ever want to see anyone passing out from dehydration!


Instead of sandwiches, pack wraps.
Don’t you hate when you’re ready to finally eat your sandwich but you find the bread all soggy and gross? Wraps hold up better than sandwiches and are just as tasty. Wheat wraps actually taste better and last longer than regular flour wraps. Conserve space in your cooler by packing them in plastic wrap and as close to ice as possible.


For snacks, pack fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help keep you hydrated throughout the day and keep you in tip top shape to slide into your favorite bikini.


Don’t forget sunscreen!
Instead of tossing your sunscreen in your beach bag, place it in the cooler to prevent it from getting hot and runny. Besides, it feels better to have something cool on your skin when you’re putting on the next application. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours or after a swim.


Other Essentials

• Utensils
• Paper Plates/ Cups
• Paper Towels
• Toilet Paper
• Can/Bottle Opener



Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com