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Daily Tip: Botox is More than Skin-Deep

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 03, 2012

New You Health Tip: Consider Botox to fight more than just wrinkles.

Taking years off the look of your face only scratches the surface of the potential benefits of Botox. In 2010, the FDA approved Botox for treatment of chronic migraines, and today some scientists believe Botox may also be beneficial for treating depression. Comedians like Joan Rivers often joke – “I’m livid but you can’t tell because of the Botox! – But according to a recent study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, reducing one’s ability to frown may also reduce the feeling of sadness behind it. “Not only are facial muscles important in communicating how you feel, they are also essential in actually experiencing them,” says Dr. Adam Schaffner, one of Manhattan’s premier plastic surgeons. “Disrupting the body’s ability to portray the emotion makes it difficult to even feel it.”