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Take a Time Out

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 05, 2014

New You Health Tip: Take the time to disconnect from daily stress with these five mood-calming techniques.


Although stress is a normal part of daily life, an excess amount can negatively affect our physical, emotional and mental health. Physical symptoms of stress can manifest itself as headaches, upset stomachs, high blood pressure, and chest pains. Many studies even suggest stress is the silent cause of various diseases. To limit your risk, try setting aside 30 minutes each day to decompress.


Yoga: Yoga allows us to use our bodies to physically remove stress from head to toe through mindful exercise. Most yoga practices also incorporate some level of meditation before and/or after the physical practice to connect the mind to the body. This allows us to block out external stressors and focus on ourselves.

Take 30: A half-hour is all you need to download a yoga podcast and use your living room as your own private studio. (Visit yogavibes.com)


Read: Reading allows us to mentally remove ourselves from our daily lives and focus on other topics, people or scenarios. Fictional novels especially allow us to “escape” without having to physically leave where we are.

Take 30: If you cannot make it to the library, book store, or coffee shop, try drawing a bath, locking the door and enjoying alone time with bubbles and a good book.


Run: A short sprint or slow and steady distance run both provide the body with a release and a spike in endorphins, which make us happy.

Take 30: Do not worry about your pace, calories, or who is watching. Simply sprint, or jog at your own pace around the neighborhood and let your endorphins do the rest.


Coffee/Tea: Take a moment to sit down, feel the heat of your cup between your hands and enjoy a moment of solitude with your eyes closed. Make every sip yours to savor and enjoy.

Take 30: Try waking up 30 minutes earlier to create a new morning ritual that is yours alone. Your mind and body will thank you later.


Write: You don’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to take advantage of the benefits of writing. Whether in full sentences phrases or just single words, jotting down your thoughts allows you to emotionally purge and re-group.

Take 30: Before going to bed try turning off any distracting technology and sitting quietly in a comfortable space. Write anything that comes to mind, then shut the book and leave it all behind.