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From Downward Dog to Downward Dog Master – How to Pursue a Career in Yoga

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 29, 2017
From Downward Dog to Downward Dog Master – How to Pursue a Career in Yoga

By Andrea Isabelle Lucas, Founder of Barre & Soul


You’ve been dreaming of this turning point in your life for so long, and it is finally right in front of you. You’re going to invest the time and money to transform your passion for yoga from a pastime to a potential career.


But, with so many yoga instructors, studios, and teacher training programs popping up, you’re worried you’ll be a dime-a-dozen—and maybe you have no clue how to stand out from the crowd. Is this really feasible? Will this be worth it? Should you really do it?


There are few things more exciting than a big jumping-off point in life. New beginnings are thrilling – on the horizon you’re realizing dreams and today you’re starting a new journey towards goals that will serve you inside and out for the long haul.


But before you take the leap into a yoga teacher training program, be sure the  one you’re going with is the best possible match for you. This is a beginning you’ll likely only initiate once. Here are the top three questions you’ll want to explore no matter what others you have on your list.


1. What are the logistics – in detail?
You’ll want to be sure the schedule of training sessions and required classes fit with your life. And what about make-ups, if you have a conflict come up, or get sick? Ask about all the potential scenarios.


2. Who will be conducting the training and what are their qualifications?
Will you gain the perspective of more than one teacher trainer? What are the trainers’ qualifications and where have they taught? Find out if the paths these trainers have gone down are ones that align with your goals. Be sure you’ll be learning from experienced teacher trainers and ask if the training is approved by the Yoga Alliance.


3. What are your likely prospects of actually teaching, post-training?
Find out if the training you’re signing up for will equip you not only to understand and execute the technical elements of a yoga class, but also will assist you in marketing yourself to actually get a job that utilizes your newly developed skill-set. Ask questions about the business of yoga and how the training will help you be successful in that arena.


Once you’ve got all your questions answered, you’ll be more confident in making the best choice to suit your goals and take your practice to the next level as a certified yoga teacher.


Now that you know what to ask – check out some upcoming yoga teacher training opportunities at Barre & Soul.