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The Dream Vitamin Team

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 14, 2016
The Dream Vitamin Team

When my nutritionist looked me firmly in the eye and said it’s time to take daily vitamins, I scoffed. But after about a month of taking them, I must admit, life has been a bit better. I noticed my skin cleared up easier, my hair was stronger, my energy was more balanced than usual, and my mind was clearer.

I was a fool to think that I could get all the nutrients I need from the food I eat and the liquid I drink. A fool, I tell ya!

“Whether they’re from food or supplements, nutrients aren’t technically in your body until they’ve been absorbed,” explains Stella Volpe, PhD, RD, associate professor of nursing and Miriam Stirl Term Endowed Chair in Nutrition at the University of Pennsylvania. “Until absorption, things are just passing through.”

And not everything gets absorbed! We cook our food, douse it in ranch dressing, follow it with alcohol, and are running around like a tiger is constantly chasing us – a.k.a. we are super stressed. All of these situations contribute to minimalizing the nutrients we absorb from our food.

That is where vitamins and minerals come in! I’ve put together the “dream vitamin team” which are the five vitamins that I take every day to supplement my nutrient absorption.

Here are the fabulous five…

The dream vitamin team

  1. All-in-One: A good multivitamin is a must have. It supports mood, energy, not to mention it directly feeds your organs, helps with digestion and beyond. I recommend a multivitamin with minerals for your hair, skin & nails.
  2. SAM-e (200): Over half of our population have absorption issues. Sam-e helps to allow the nutrition you are in taking to be absorbed. It’s literally like flipping the on a switch in your genes.
  3. Omega-3’s: These are fatty acids from fish oils that’s primary function is to fight heart disease, the leading cause of death in women.
  4. Evening Primrose Oil: I take these to help regulate my hormones which help to rid those underlying pesky zits that rear themselves from stressful situations, PMS, or from simply being hormonally out of whack.
  5. Probiotics: These are monumental in helping to contribute to a healthy gut. Probiotics stimulate the production of healthy bacteria in your gut. I cannot stress enough how important your stomach and digestion are. It’s the epicenter of how your food and nutrients are dispensed to your body. Probiotics keep it all clean and under control.

*The vitamins pictured above are the exact brands that I use.

In case you are still rolling your eyes, having second thoughts, or are still vexed about taking your vitamins, there is a doc that’s on your side.

Mark Hyman, MD, agreed that you don’t need to take a multivitamin—but, “ONLY if you eat wild, fresh, whole, organic, local, non-genetically modified food grown in virgin mineral and nutrient soils, and not transported across vast distances and stored for months before eaten . . . work and live outside, breathe only fresh unpolluted air, drink only pure, clean water, sleep nine hours a night, move your body every day, and are free from chronic stressors and exposures to environmental toxins.”

So basically, take your vitamins.