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Eat Your Way To Better Sex

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 21, 2019
Eat Your Way To Better Sex

Perhaps your sex life is underwhelming, or years of marriage have led to inevitable monotony. Lack of energy, confidence, and dwindling hormones may be three major culprits. If you are looking for methods to have better sex, your kitchen may hold the answers you seek.

 Sex Boosting Super Foods

  1. Avocados.Avocados are loaded with healthy monosaturated fats, Vitamin E, and minerals that will keep you energized and in the mood—even after a long day at work.
  2. Seafood. Oysters for a better sex life may sound cliché, but they are packed with high levels of the mineral zinc. Zinc is beneficial for both men and women because it increases libido production.
  3. Dark Chocolate. This sweet treat is not simply a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Dark chocolate promotes better sex through a stimulant called phenylethylamine: Phenylethylamine is said to enhance that warm, lovey-dovey feeling.
  4. Asparagus. This vegetable is rich in B6 and folate, which may simultaneously increase arousal and orgasms. It’s high vitamin E content works to boost sex hormones.