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Elemental Healing: Vibrational Raindrop Technique

By Dar Dowling
Posted On Nov 05, 2015

Vibrational Raindrop Technique- Newyou.com

A true alternative to stress and suffering, Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) is a powerful route to unifying body, mind, and soul.


By Dar Dowling


As small drops of essentials oils fall one by one along your spine, then work themselves gently into your skin under the watchful gaze of a caring wellness practitioner, an unparalleled level of relaxation begins to take hold. Senses are soothed at an elemental level as body, mind, and spirit work in unison.Sweet vibrations from gem-infused tuning forks bolster the efficacy of the potent, healing oils. For the first time in perhaps a very long while, your troubles feel less urgent. You’re off on a journey.


Such is the modern-day alchemy of Vibrational Raindrop Technique, or VRT. After just an hour of this heavenly attention, life feels delicious once more… You’re relaxed, energized, in a true state of bliss. This is no mere massage. This is a cutting edge approach the unification of the spiritual, physical, and emotional planes. Sound magical? To VRT’s devotees, it is.


The original Raindrop Technique was originally created by alternative healing pioneer Dr. Gary Young in the 1980s. Dr. Young had spent time with Wallace Black Elk, a Lakota medicine man — a life-changing experience that got him thinking: Natural oils with time-proven properties, applied in an organic, deliberate way, could change the lives of his clientele. The doctor went on to develop Young Living Oils (youngliving.org) — some of which are energizing, others of which heal and soothe.


In a raindrop technique session, these extremely high-quality, painstakingly-produced oils are sprinkled literally as if they are tiny drops of rain, onto points on the feet and along the spine. (The placement does indeed have similarities to the areas of focus in reflexology and acupressure.) Oils are selected to address the needs of different areas of the body  — from muscles to the respiratory system to the digestive system. Heat is applied to aid the oils in seeping more deeply into the body.


To make it an even deeper experience, Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.D. created a vibrational, tuning fork-enhanced iteration of the Raindrop Technique to amplify the oils’ healing benefits. Gail Hunter, who is trained in both forms of Raindrop and an instructor for the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE), insists that VRT is a truly cutting-edge form of healing body work. “It took Raindrop to a whole new level,” she says. “We’re working on the ‘subtle body,’ as well as the physical body.”


Dr. Bonds-Garrett took the practice yet another step further, incorporating special tuning forks that have been outfitted with gemstone tips. This infuses the beautiful vibrations generated by the forks with the gems’ natural vibrations. For example, if rose quartz tips are used during a session, these particularly sweet vibes have a profound impact on your heart center. While it’s not a massage, Hunter — who has personally experienced many sessions — insists that “VRT feels ten times better than a massage. It’s relaxing, balancing, and I feel euphoric afterwards.”


Lulu Martin, a Coronado, California-based massage therapist (who founded Blue Lotus Healing Arts, bluelotushealingarts.blue) is one of Dr. Bonds-Garrett’s students, and agrees whole-heartedly. Martin has always been drawn to essential oils. She had received a set of Young Living Oils as a gift about 15 years ago and was completely taken by their power. She resolved to give the practice a try, herself. Years after first experimenting with the discipline of Raindrop Technique, Martin participated in one of Bonds-Garett’s trainings and learned all about the basics of VRT. “I loved the vibrations,” Martin says. “It was absolutely amazing.”


Martin was all in, and took a trip to Paducah, Kentucky, to train intensely with Dr. Bonds-Garrett. Following this intensive training experience, Martin’s perspective on her own healing arts practice shifted tremendously. “Every time I left the training I felt fantastic,” she insists. “VRT affects every layer of your being, and is truly multi-dimensional.”


Martin’s clients have come to love the substantial healing vibrations that come along with this technique. When Martin offered a session to Min Harris, who is pretty adventurous, Harris became an immediate devotee. “It’s unlike any kind of body work I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot,” Harris says. “It feels like a journey, like everything was melded together – the mind, the body, and the spirit.” She emerged relaxed, energized, ready to experience it many times more.


The heartfelt endorsements of Martin and her clientele make clear that they’ve seen Vibrational Raindrop Technique make a real difference in people’s lives — as was particularly true for  Martin’s client Marci Rose. For Rose, the experience allowed her to transcend an emotionally period. Rose, already familiar with the power in Young Living Oils, was eager to experience Martin’s proficiency in using them. On Martin’s table, as the oils, tuning forks, and gems stones came together in a wholly benevolent symphony, she came to a long-sought place in which she could heal. “Its the most nourishing, comforting, and relaxing thing I have ever done,” Rose says. “My soul loved it.”

For more information go to Lulu Martin’s website, bluelotushealingarts.blue