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FDA Highlights Added Sugar on New Labels

By Julie Fink
Posted On May 23, 2016
FDA Highlights Added Sugar on New Labels

The Food and Drug Administration rolled out its long-anticipated new food labels which include the amounts of added sugar.

NBC News notes that “it reflects the sad fact that Americans eat more than they used to.”

The Sugar Association said it was disappointed in the FDA decision. “We are concerned that the ruling sets a dangerous precedent that is not grounded in science, and could actually deter us from our shared goal of a healthier America,” the trade group said in a statement.

Seeing as though we have record numbers of diabetes and obesity than ever in recorded human history and more than any country on the planet, I would have to disagree with the Sugar Association, vehemently.

Dr. David Reuben, author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nutrition says, “White refined sugar is not a food. It is a pure chemical extracted from plant sources, purer in fact than cocaine, which it resembles in many ways. Its true name is sucrose and its chemical formula is C12H22O11. It has 12 carbon atoms, 22 hydrogen atoms, 11 oxygen atoms, and absolutely nothing else to offer.”

“The chemical formula for cocaine is C17H21NO4. Sugar’s formula again is C12H22O11. For all practical purposes, the difference between cocaine and sugar is one chemical compound. Sugar is missing the “N”, or nitrogen atom.”

Let me repeat that: The difference between cocaine and sugar is one chemical compound.

… And the Sugar Association had the nerve to speak out against the FDA including the ‘added sugar’ on our labels. As my grandmother would always say, “You can’t fix stupid.” But the FDA sure is trying.

The new FDA food labels will be bigger, bolder, and more informational. They won’t look much different from the old labels, but they’ll have to use slightly larger and bolder type, and they will make sure that customers aren’t fooled into thinking a giant bag of potato chips only has a quarter of the calories, fat and salt that it really does.

New Food Label

“In addition to added sugars, new nutrients that must be declared include Vitamin D, which is important in bone development, and potassium, which is good for controlling blood pressure; both nutrients of which people aren’t getting enough,” FDA administrator Dr. Robert Califf said in a blog post.

“This is not about telling people what they should eat. It’s about making sure that they know what they’re eating,” Califf added.

First Lady Michelle Obama agrees with the FDA as she spoke about the new label design at a Washington, D.C. event highlighting her “Let’s Move” initiative.

“Very soon you will no longer need a microscope, a calculator or a degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food that you’re buying is actually good for your kids, so that’s a phenomenal achievement,” Obama said.

Thanks FDA, for finally let us know how many chemicals we are ingesting. Really, it’s greatly appreciated. Wink.

New Label

Photo Credits: FDA