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Feel Good Brain Training

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 04, 2013

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Try brain-training games to boost your emotional well being.

 “It used to be the thought that the brain didn’t change after childhood, but neuroplasticity research has shown that the brain is ‘plastic,’ and neurogenesis – the creation of new neurons – and rewiring occurs all the time in the adult brain,” says Joe Hardy, VP of Research at Lumosity. So why not take advantage of that fact and reinvent yourself? A recent study by Psychological Science tested a group of participants with alcohol addictions and found that after 25 days of brain sessions, the training group improved its memory capacity and also drank less alcohol. Another study, conducted by Dr. Anett Gyurak at the University of California, Berkeley found that after 30 days of Lumosity training, participants displayed more self-esteem relative to the control group. Adults also experienced a reduction in anxiety. How does this all work? By playing brain games, you are improving your working memory: Working memory is important to control impulses, engage in effective decision-making and boost self-esteem