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Forgo The Hassle Of Pill-Popping With Supplement Sprays

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Apr 17, 2016
Forgo The Hassle Of Pill-Popping With Supplement Sprays

You know you should be taking vitamins and supplements but some find it’s hard to stomach the idea of swallowing a pill or five every day. The extra time it takes to sort your tasteless pills out of their clunky bottles and chug them down with a glass of water leads many to default on their vitamin compliance. However, husband and wife team, Dr. Jatin Joshi and Dr. Sonia Joshi have developed a new product that could possibly address all your supplement-taking dilemmas.

The London-based couple have created Instavit, a line of easily portable nutritional and functional supplements using all spray technology. As Dr. Sonia Joshi tells us, “You just take the lid off and spray into your mouth and you’re done.” Oral spray products included in the line are B-12, Vitamin D, Daily Health, Immune Boost, Energy, Clearer Thinking, and Sweet Dreams.

Dr. Jatin Joshi, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, has struggled with Crohn’s disease for over twenty years. A few years ago, his illness became severe and he was hospitalized. Facing a long road to recovery, his health depended on receiving vital nutrients such as B-12 and Vitamin D. However, Sonia noticed that he wasn’t taking his vitamins every day.

“Despite me buying bottles and bottles of vitamin supplements, he just wouldn’t take them.” Sonia said, “It was really frustrating for me as his wife. He told me it was just such a hassle. “ When he questioned her about her vitamin habits, she said, “I realized I wasn’t taking vitamins as well. Vitamin compliance was so hard and just a hassle. You can’t really carry them around in your bag because they jitter. Also, they’re full of binders and fillers.” As a surgeon, Dr. Joshi had operated on patients and had seen partially digested vitamins in their stomachs due to the presence of fillers. He theorized that if they weren’t breaking down properly in healthy people, they wouldn’t work for him.

It was then that the couple teamed up to create Instavit. Sonia said, “He started taking them and his compliance improved. His health improved. Then he asked his patients if they wanted them. They tried it and they loved it. “

Design was also an important consideration as the Joshis wanted to be rid of big, bulky vitamin bottles. Sonia said, “We wanted something that not only functioned well but that you would be able to use in a portable way. We looked at design concepts and created these really cute, lipstick-shaped bottles that would give you great dosage control, would be portable, and look cool. Something you could use as an accessory as well that would also be healthy for you.”

Taste was also a factor in development as well as dental health. “Our kids were our first clients because we figured if our kids like the taste, everyone is going to like them.” Sonia said, “And of course they are all sugar-free because you spray it in your mouth and me being a dentist, well, that was one of the key things we had to have.”

Unsure of how much you should spritz in your mouth? Sonia explained that it is clearly outlined in the supplement facts panel on the bottles. She said, “When we looked at the delivery mechanism, it’s very important to get the correct dose per spray so we did a lot of strict testing. One of the great things with the spray concept is that you can really control your dosage unlike with large pills that can be hard to cut down or divide in half.” Each bottle should last 28 days.

If you aren’t getting your daily dose of vitamins because you don’t want to hassle of pill-popping, Instavit might be the solution for you.