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By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Nov 09, 2015

As a cancer survivor, Fran Drescher in her interview urges us to think of the food we are eating and the beauty products we put on our skin. She has become very active in the health space since her cancer journey and is now trying to motivate Americans to take control of their bodies.  One of her biggest proponents to living a preventative lifestyle is health and wellness. Her healthy outlook on life is inspirational and we agree that “adopting an organic healthy diet” is optimal.


During this Thanksgiving month, we encourage you to take a second look at the colorful gourds and squashes displayed in your holiday decorations. They can be surprisingly nutritious. One cup of squash delivers a healthy dose of fiber and vitamin A…. all the better to see on a dark winter’s night.  The rich orange flesh of a Fairytale pumpkin is sweet and tender, making it a nice choice for traditional pumpkin pie.  Also, the firm flesh of a Calabash gourd has a delicate, nutty flavor and can be an excellent addition to a homemade curry vegetable stew, while the hard shell of a Red Kuri squash becomes a perfect receptacle for chili con carne.  When it comes to healthy living, the oft overlooked pumpkin can be surprisingly colorful and tasty.