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Geek Chic Readers

By Diana Dias
Posted On Jun 06, 2014

Fashionable Readers


I never needed glasses, but recently my headaches and blurry vision led me to the ophthalmologist for more information. To my shock, the doctor advised that I should invest in a pair of non-prescription reading glasses to aid my strained eyes. I thought, Me? Reading glasses? Suddenly I felt quite old.

I left the office and went surfing the web to discover that I would soon join the 207.9 million Americans who also wear vision correcting glasses—according to the 2013 consumer survey by The Vision Council. The survey also concluded that 66.9 percent of eyeglass wearers felt that frame options became much more fashionable in the last five years.

Suddenly, I began to look forward to my new look. I felt even more excited when I considered how these brand new frames would conveniently hide my incessantly puffy eyes and the fine lines that surround them.

Here I list my three favorite fashionable  (anti aging) reading glasses.

  • Eileen West. My favorite pair of frames from this fashionable line is called “Uptown Elegance.” This frame is very affordable, has hints of stone details to frame the eyes, and features flexible spring hinges that add extra comfort and durability.
  •  “The Muse,” sun readers protect the eyes when reading outdoors. These sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection with antireflective coating to reduce sun glare. The muse comes in a variety of colors like red, black and brown.
  • Versace’s Single Vision Full Frame is made of optical grade plastic and features small lenses that perfectly flatter the average-sized shape of my face. These specs feature rich colors and styles, and are scratch-resistant, distortion-free and UV resistant.


PROS:  All of these styles are fun, fashionable, and affordable.

CONS: Hunting for the perfect frames can be tedious and time consuming: So buy more than one!



Muse Sunreaders  cinziadesigns.com

Eileen West’s Uptown Elegance

Versace’s  VE 3157 Single Vision Full Frame readingglasses.com



-Diana Dias; Cruzan Native, desperately seeking a naturally fuller head of hair