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Get Fit By Earning Money

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 02, 2018
Get Fit By Earning Money

By: Nicolas Ortegon

For many people, daily exercise is a big part of their New Year’s resolutions and they start the year strong, but that quickly wanes as they leave it because of a lack of motivation or that there’s not a big enough incentive that makes them stick with their goal. Studies have shown that when financial incentives are delivered in a thoughtful way, it can lead to positive changes in our behaviors, especially in the short-term.

Today, we can see that technology has been integrated into our daily use. Chances are, your phone has a fitness-related app on it. So, why not go ahead and get paid by using some of those apps with zero risks and all rewards? Check out some of the most popular fitness apps that can have you earning while you’re sweating.


One of the most popular health and fitness apps in the U.S, according to data from App Annie, an analytics firm. This health-tracking app can be used with wearables such as Apple watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, or you can simply pair it with your smartphone to monitor the number of steps you take during the day with an algorithm that verifies 65 percent of a user’s total steps. Sweatcoin assembles the GPS signal and motion data from your phone to reward you. 1000 outdoor steps are equal to 1SWC, the more steps you take, the more SWC you can redeem at their store. The prizes vary from weight loss products to an iPhone X.

To get 5 SWC right away, use this link: http://sweatco.in/m/n1i2c0.

Walgreens Rewards 

Get rewarded by walking, managing your weight, tracking blood pressure, and more. What this app does is that it helps you earn points that turn into money off future purchases or you can save up your points to reach a $50 reward.






If you want to become more active, but hate being stuck in a gym and want to bike, swim, and explore other forms of exercise, then this is the app that still gets you paid for doing your workout. It pays you $10 for every 10,000 points you earn. They also give you extra points for posting healthy activities on your personal social media account and answering survey questionnaires.

Earn 250 bonus points to get you up and go: http://tinyurl.com/y74kzmhf





This app is a runner’s dream and if you’re up for the challenge it will make you some extra bucks. You’ll earn 6 cents per km you walk or run and once you have a minimum balance of $5 dollars, you can withdraw your money via PayPal account.





Charity Miles

For those of you with a bleeding heart and a desire for burning calories, we have the perfect app. Just simply pick which organization you want to sponsor and start exercising. You will earn money for your charity by tracking the miles you run, cycle, or walk.




DietBet or StepBet 

Do you want to make your goal weight, but can’t seem to stay motivated? How about doing it with your friends? For this app, you pick either the 4-week or 6-month challenge, then everyone puts money into the pot. The more players, the more money that you can win. For the 4 week challenge, everyone has 4 weeks to drop 4% of their starting weight and whoever hits the goal wins the pot. Same goes for the 6-month challenge, but you need to drop 10% of your starting weight. This app is a pioneer in social dieting.